Leonardo Di Caprio – Shape Shifting Snake & the Climate Change Hoax



Ok, bit hooked on the snake shape shifter thing still.

The ‘experts’ would probably call it “obsessed” …..because the ‘experts’ are all pedophiles who are funded and protected as long as they help warn the public away from truth. PHD does of course stand for Govt/ masonic sponsored PeDopHile.

Being preoccupied with anything else but the pursuit of truth is quite clearly the problem most of us face.

Also been pondering some of the snakes we have met over the years. How about a guy named “Mason” who used to tell pedo ‘jokes’ at parties before wazzing himself into oblivion. Another of these redheads oddly enough…….and a shape shifter, in hindsight. Can’t make this shit up. We live in the matrix.

Don’t know what it is about these snakes and their love of child abuse? A hatred of mankind by any serious analysis. The incessant desire and need to corrupt…….so that they may not just fit in, but rule over us.

Anyway – Leonardo Di Caprio – another Hollywood shape shifting snake. It is teeming with them…almost everyone you see on your TV…..a big old family of slithering snakes….pretending to be like human beings is their biggest strength……faking all of our emotions……they are experts…..at leading us…..all astray.

“You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” – Matt 3:7





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