The Heath Ledger/ Obama, Daniel Day Lewis & ISIS/ Joker Masonic Theater



Check this out….a bit more to add to our last article on this….

Heath Ledger didn’t die. He now plays Obama. As well as Joseph Gorden Levitt.

Obama / Heath Ledger compares ISIS to “the Joker”.

Obama / Heath ledger is the Joker. ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Fake Jews / snakes playing dress up, much like the ‘dangerous Imams’.

Daniel Day Lewis – another snake – jumps in to try and strengthen the official story/ hoax, offering up tributes.

Obama / Heath Ledger pretends to be Daniel Day Lewis, offering tributes back.

Masonic play / theater at its very best. They certainly like to have fun with it.

Problem is, they have stolen all of our privacy in the meantime, and used our tax money for illegal wars and genocide across the World. Even poisoning our water, air and food supply, vaccinating us and putting us all through radiation scanners at the airports all to try and keep us all dumbed down enough to fall for it all. They are at war with us, make no mistake. These inbred snakes posing as our leaders and entertainers.


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