The JFK Hoax – Kennedy is Jimmy Carter



Not much of a day for poetry folks…….using the blunt/ harsh language here…..

These Khazar/ Jewish Soviets do not die.

They stage their deaths and then reinvent themselves under new names and alias, after some basic surgery or some virgin blood / DNA drinking.

And they are apparently also serial kiddie fiddlers.

The politicians are all actors. If you pay taxes to these fruitloop demons you need your head read. It is illegal to fund pedophilia…..not to mention immoral.

NZ for example is a $160 billion per annum business…….the politicians are all pedophile drug addict actors and undead demonic fake Jew shape shifters paid large salaries to help steal and control that money.

Stop funding the sick fks. Have a little bit of respect for yourselves.

Here is NZ’s new tax policy – “Come and try and get it you sick criminal fkrs”

John F Kennedy was another Khazar / Russian Jew actor – and became Jimmy Carter. That was a dummy in the back of the car…thus why the actor first lady immediately went to grab part of the head….so no one in the crowd would see it was fake….

Another case solved….hidden in plain sight.

Do not expect the overly dressed fruit loop media whores on your TV to explain this to you – because they are all pedos being bribed also….


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