Gareth Morgan on the Jewish Bolshevik / Communist Invasion of New Zealand…& Snakes Teeth


Featured Image – Gareth Morgan displays his snake fangs. Dear God this man is ugly – did something go wrong with the medical procedures? When did our so called ‘leaders’ all start becoming so Biblically ugly? 


Media Whores is inviting Gareth Morgan – one of our new ‘elite’ communist lords who apparently also came out of nowhere in particular – to comment on what is clearly a Jewish Communist / Bolshevik invasion of our once peaceful and relatively prosperous Nation. Being the e-con-no-money ‘expert’ that he is. As well as the commie Bolshevik snake that wants to put the entire Nation on the dole, while he and his fellow commie snakes stay filthy rich, tax free and run everything for us.

And what the hell is up with those teeth dude? Is it true you are all condemned to hell once this is all blown wide open for the public to see?

“They have teeth like swords and fangs like knives. They devour the poor from the earth and the needy from among humanity.” – Proverbs 30:14

“Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead. I will make them come and bow down at your feet….”  – Rev 3:9

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Check out Jack Tame’s demonic shape shifting snake fangs also……and Gareth’s son, Sam Morgan……

Opps – also keen to hear about Gareth’s investments in cheap fast food pizza in NZ, as well as associated factory farming of animals…….and the #Pizzagate conspiracy which alleges that some of these new age communist elites are engaged in industrial scale global child sex trafficking…and blood drinking.

Watch as Sam Morgan explains how (if you have been chosen by the masonic snake God) you can borrow what was already a blatantly obvious idea from overseas, then use your family and masonic connections to trample on everyone else who is trying to set up the very same blatantly obvious idea, then make hundreds of millions of dollars and go around the place calling yourself an ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘risk taker’…….as his teeth shapeshift into fangs as he speaks….



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One thought on “Gareth Morgan on the Jewish Bolshevik / Communist Invasion of New Zealand…& Snakes Teeth”

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    Mike says:

    atholic Jim Bolger, is another one who has escaped closer scrutiny, who a couple of years after the mass murder of the Bain family, got rewarded with being an Ambassador to Washington, which is classed by some as the paedophile capital of the world. Especially with the “comet ping pong business” and Hillary Rotheram “rotten ham” Clintons’ campaign manager being one of the Podesta’s. Who just happened to be not very far away (a few blocks) when the little girl Madelaine McCann disappeared, and notably the identikit picture of the people involved near her disappearance looks exactly like him.

    For Jim Bolger the idea of “behave and we will feed you lots of tasty little children to torture and rape”, in Washington, comes to mind. Jim Bolger is currently still having a nice free feed at the tax payers expense, in some matters regarding peoples wages. No doubt he would be totally terrified once the NZ historical abuse of children enquiry included religious groups. It being estimated that 80% of the child abuse in NZ is at the hands of the Catholic Church and connections. MEANING that current disappearances of children and suicides and gang rapes of NZ children will have their networks there.

    That not including the years 2000 until at least 2015, means the entrenched networks will remain intact and in operation.

    Because Jim Bolger was the Prime Minister when the mass murder of the Bain family got carried out as a joint Mossad and CIA operation (the boat carrying some 30 odd mossad, murder incorporated, paedophile ring enforcers, operatives in NZ waters at the time was USA registered. The “Zora”).

    Both of David Bain’s sisters were about to inform on the massive Dunedin paedophile ring involving Police, Politicians, Judges. Ian Wishart exposed the area in 2008 as the satanic HUB of police corruption. Both Geoffery Palmer and Michael Cullen who is now at the Auckland City council, were involved in calming the situation down. Gregg Hallett maintains, as sworn VCourt evidence and affidavit that is why Michael Cullen got a knighthood and Geoffery Palmer got onto the Privvy Council.

    The “mass murder” killing of the entire Bain family would have needed to have been signed off at the top, by Jim Bolger, and very likely was even a Cabinet decision. Certainly National Party HQ will have as always had their fingers in the paedophile mass murder pie. Reason being that they run the paedophile agenda as a military operation and therefore there are strict avenues in place for such mass murder, and also suiciding of children, to get rid of embarrassing evidence. The Department of Defence will have needed to be informed and in cooperation, and also SIS coordination. Certainly the fire department very quickly burnt down the house to get rid of the evidence of numerous bloody footprints in the house.

    As Craig Sawyer of veterans for child rescue says “if paedophilia wasn’t such a giant issue then why do people who expose it get killed”.

    Professor Jim Fetzer in his speech regarding the need for properly dealing with “paedogate”, (as per veterans today 02 June 2018, by Gordon Duff), which is Washington based, maintains after very considerable investigation, that not less than 70% of the political elite are involved in paedophilia. MEANING that not less than 70% of NZ politicians and judges and top police will be of the satanic sodomist paedophile Nazi Zionist breed. Whether by preference or whether by force.

    The question that comes to mind right now, is the fact that the ultra rich, who no doubt will include “paedophile central”, are making Queenstown their bolthole. Queenstown is a helicopter flight from Dunedin and also from where the Israeli’s have their base in Fiordland. As recently as only a few years ago hunters in Fiordland have been surrounded by them at night time. No doubt Queenstown in the 1990’s was being set up for this type of future at least 30 years ago. So Dunedin will have been vital to their business for the supply of children. Hence the mass murder of the Bain family. The Minister of Defence at the time of the Bain family mass murder , went on to become the Mayor of Queenstown. No doubt getting things in order down there for the supply of children that the paedophile elite require.

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