Talpiot Talk #9 – with Brendon O’Connell. Russia and Iran Rule the World.



This remains the most accurate geopolitical analysis and information available on Youtube….in our opinion. Brendon O’Connell’s Talpiot Talks further below.

Anyone interested in geopolitics – this is the bees knees. A few lads working online and mostly for free who have far outstripped a multi billion dollar global news apparatus……leaves them all for dust…….now snakes eating dust.

The bit we find most interesting is that Russia seems to be the biggest player in all of this. This globalist takeover. The Russian half breed Jews. And behind them are the ruling Persian snakes from Iran. Israel is just the operations base for this fake masonic (digital) new world order. Just follow those $nake$ folks……The Per$ian Houses of Ferne$e & Or$ini to name two….that is your Royal$ and Roth$childs….all half breed $emites using fake names. The snake’s biggest ever deception was to convince everyone he was white……and actually in charge of anything.

We should add the caveat however, that none of these experts have apparently figured out yet what ‘the land’ of Israel actually is.

First up therefore is 8 minutes of Santos Bonacci who explains that the Promised Land is actually within you – not outside of you – and thus why anyone who is deceived into fighting over ‘Israel’ will never actually win the battle and will be continuously dragged down within this giant masonic deception….as per Semitic / masonic snake design. If you want to learn who the real Jews of the Bible really are, go and watch more Santos Bonacci….all 12 Tribes, now scattered well and truly around the World….using different languages and shapes and sizes due to their environments and diets….and with different levels of sun tan……Aries through Pisces….the 12 Tribes of the Human Race…Children of the Sun……not the snake.

If you want to be an expert on geopolitical struggle, corruption, bribery and the racial supremacist crime of the fake Jews and the semite/ Persian snakes that own and control them ……..these boys below are your new Gods. If you want to find the actual promised land however – start with those who have figured out that the Earth we live on is Flat and that human beings are not supposed to kill and eat dead things………and that your tap water, booze and food is full of sodium fluoride. Those boys now running your local liquor stores are sure as hell not going to tell you…….nor are our Jewish politicians, the ones who sold them the franchises to begin.

Shit – there we go being all politically incorrect again.


Everything begins in Aries…..

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