Trade Me Founder Sam Morgan Doesn’t Blink #TheyLive


Well it is all but official isn’t it folks? And highly unlikely to be made official.

There is a race of undead vampires living among us – who apparently don’t die, probably feed off our blood, and apparently have an insatiable appetite for trying to sodomise the human race and its children. While dressing up in tuxedos and pretending to be our leaders.

Strange as it sounds.

All will be revealed – but nobody said it would be pleasant.

Not that we have seen any direct evidence that Sam Morgan is one of them of course – but he does look like he was hatched from an egg…..his teeth/ fangs shape shift…..and he doesn’t blink.

What’s up with that?

And they also seem to hate smoking – it probably messes with their 4th dimension frequency

God works in mysterious ways….and they know it…….

Sam Morgan apologizes for smoking out Wanaka (the vampire capital of NZ) – Herald

From the Snakes in New Zealand blog –

And still no further comment from Mike Bayley on any of this – haven’t heard from our biggest stalker Steve Wall for a while either come to think of it. Some sort of code of silence. Peter Jackson and Taiki Waititi should really should do a movie on all of this. And has anyone tried calling this issue into Willie Jackson or Duncan Garner on Talk Back? (Images fair use/ public safety)

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