Jewish Russian Communist Kiddie Fiddling Snakes Run the New Zealand Government


Featured Image – Putin, another of these elite transvestite Jews – and some other Rabid Frankenstein. 

Liberty Uprising Beer – West Auckland – the symbols and commie logos are now all around us…..the communist star, the Jewish/ Israeli  hexagon swastika……and ‘liberty’ which actually means the legalization of sex with Goy kids….the final revolution of the Zionist Judes. The liberty chick is actually a dude. 

Jewish Russian Soviet Communist snakes are running New Zealand

Now in full and complete control.

All of the usual symptoms of Jewish Communism are now in plain sight for all to see. Record child abuse, inequality, drug addiction, poverty, homelessness, sickness and death……mostly due to the rampant inflation, poisoned food and water supplies, but also due to the medications and vaccines.

It is stock standard Jewish communism – run by a small group of serial kiddie fiddling elite who all like to play dress up and appear in the media arguing complete nonsense, posing as our leaders. Almost all of them are pedophiles being bribed by the Jewish / Russian globalist mafia…..almost everyone you now see on TV in NZ these days is a kiddie fiddler and/or sexual pervert and/or drug addict of some description.

This all started way back in 1980’s with the introducing of neo liberalist economics, with alleged child abuser Roger Douglas fronting the charge. Ever since the mass tapping of our phone systems by the Jewish Russian and Israeli spies in the 80’s, so they could identify the pedophiles and perverts and promote them to the top.

Our entire Govermment apparatus and much of corporate industry now run by pedophiles, sexual deviants and otherwise mindless, self serving fruitcakes, most of them raped as kids, then groomed and assured that their sexual abuse was all very normal and ‘liberal’ and then given Government and corporate jobs to appease them and then promised some sort of heavenly ‘liberation’ coupled with a reliable meth supply and name suppression when needed for their own kiddie fiddling.

This is the same Talpiot Talk below that we posted the other day, but wanted to frame it with the different headline above.

Jewish Russian/ Soviet communist snakes running New Zealand, and the entire West now.

What a fkg disgrace.

Why can’t these kiddie fiddling Jewish Russian psychopaths just mind their own fkg business and leave humanity in peace. It is non stop/ never ending persecution of the human race by these pedophile fruitcake snakes and lizards, presumably so that they can all have continued access to Goy children…..their food supply.

Note also O’Connell and others pointing out that the agenda now by these Jewish Russian Blshevik psychopaths and kiddie fiddlers is in fact to purposely allow and even promote exposure of this reality, in a bid to start flushing out all Jews from around the World and have them return to the new promised land of pedophilia in the Middle East.

Putin the Jew playing his part to perfection also….

And of course our very own Jewish owned Newshub……

The new digital ‘government’ control grid is now fully in place, with cameras and kill switches across all of our infrastructure and ‘smart cities’ – and in all of the Jewish owned banks, shopping malls, franchises, bars and cafes……..not to mention the kill switches on our Eftpos system, power grid, cell phone network and entire internet.

The final trumpet is being blown by these pedophile fruitcakes – its all Jews back to the new pedo homeland, to help build the new Empire, while they war game our Nations from a safe distance……and watch…like the sick pedos that they are.

The end goal appears to be (worst case scenario at least) to reduce the World’s population to under 500,000,000 as detailed on the Georgia Guidestones. And there will be about that many in the Middle East alone.

Anybody else in the media spinning a different yarn is most likely one of these very pedos being bribed.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Exclusive – Is Jacinda Ardern another KGB Tavistock Agent Working for Putin & Netanyahu?



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One thought on “Jewish Russian Communist Kiddie Fiddling Snakes Run the New Zealand Government”

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    Jack says:

    If you thought that Clark Gaylord was a bit ripe. That a name like that couldn’t be made up.

    What about putting the “b” where it is obviously designed to be with Lord Palumbo, hidden in plain sight. It changes from Lord Palumbo to Lord PAL BUM O, which is pretty much the same as Gay Lord. We even get O Lord Pal bum. Lord of the little boyfriends bum. Now leaving Waiheke Island. Apparently sold to a nice ordinary Kiwi couple. Not sure about a nice ordinary Kiwi couple spending some $8 million on a property. More like the Hugh Fletcher and Sian Elias after the dungeons and kill rooms have been built to “British political elite” specifications.

    Grahame Todd the lawyer of Lord James Bum Pal, or Lord Pal Bum, said that his clients personal life had altered, to cause the change of plans, but would not say what those personal life changes were.

    Notice that it is said that St James Island, also known as paedophile island, is having some $29 million to have the tunnels filled in. More recently set on fire. That’s a lot of money to spend on filling in tunnels on paedophile island by Geoffrey Epstein. No doubt there are worries about children’s blood contamination in the tunnels prior to being raided.

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