Santos Bonacci – these Demons Come from Under Ground


Featured Image – every ray of light in your Birth Chart has a predetermined effect on you. The lost knowledge of humanity and who we really are, since replaced with Nasa and other fake / ball-shite science for a chemically dumbed down slave race. 


The latest upload from Santos Bonacci below.

Brace yourselves, as per usual.

Starts off a bit slow with Santos apparently feeling the weight of the World on his shoulders as another winter sets in upon the unawakened human race……. but again full of gems.

Not only do we live on a flat Earth – as anyone with half a functioning brain has now figured out – but there are 7 more planes underneath us…and 7 more above. 7 heavens, and 7 levels of hell if you will.

The shape shifting half breed demons come from underground. And essentially feed off our blood….both directly and indirectly. Thus all of the blood donation programs, taxes and health and safety regulations. They far prefer so called virgin blood of course and thus all of the compulsory government schooling and 20 hours ‘free’ kindy each week.

Not to say each of these snakes we are featuring has literally come up from a hole in the ground and then been given a suit to wear by Media Works and/or the Government – but somewhere in the family bloodline, this is were they came from. Quite literally up through a hole in the ground. Probably via a purpose built gold mine somewhere in the Northern parts of Russia.

Bonacci names all of the so called Black Nobility families whom at some stage had sex/ bred with snakes in the so called Garden of Eden (Earth/ Heart) and still rule to this day via their demonic inbred offspring who pose as a our leaders and entertainers. This is your so called ‘Seed of Cain’, or seed of the serpent. Or just plain old ‘seed of Satan’. Androgyny runs in the family, and thus why so many of them are transgenders.

Other little gems such as their being no such thing as a racial Jew. Only those who call themselves Jews. Jesuits are so called Jews in suits (something we had already figured out). And the so called Jews are really the tax collectors for the half breed snakes that have taken over our planet over the past few thousand years. He also names the family that owns Islam Incorporated, Christianity Incorporated, as well the Pentagon Incorporated – namely the House of Farnese, which is your Rothschilds and Saxe Coburgs..and also your Castros….yes, you guessed it, Fidel Castro has controlled the US Pentagon the entire time, from Cuba. That’s one for the ages. You may recall the Cuban Missile Crisis? Fear porn designed and controlled by Castro with is Soviet snake distant cousins.  How was he then able to send boatloads of Cubans into Miami? Because Castro ran the Pentagon on behalf of his Farnese family who own U$A Inc, controlled with the help of their pedophile Masonic gang.

All of these demonic shape shifting families and bloodlines – they say there are 13 in total – can be traced back to ancient Babylon and Persia. They are all Persian snakes….now heavily cross bred around the World with all other bloodlines……and thus why their so called ‘Jewish’ tax collectors and military intelligence commanders are always reminding the human race not to be ‘anti semitic’.

Jungle Surfer did an interesting video recently about Lizard Prince William’s trip the Middle East and looked at an ancient map of Jerusalem – which shows the snakes / serpents coming down from a place called “Septentrio” towards the Middle East, where they clearly managed to seduce some of the ancient humans……or at least one of them. The original traveling snake oil salesmen. Keep in mind that these snakes did not have sex with all of the Babylonians and thus not all Persians, or humans, are half breed snakes. You will know them by the amount of make up and brand names they wear usually, and the names published on the annual rich list (same thing really).

As our so called Father in Heaven (the Sun) returns on his 25,160 year journey across the Galactic plane, we enter back into the so called Kingdom of Man, with more light being omitted by the Sun, which exposes these demon pedophile snakes for what they are…shape shifting sodomites…they literally start turning into demons before our very eyes….like some sort of zombie apocalypse. The so called great revealing. Thus eventually setting the human race free again…until the next fall of man… we continue to evolve with every one of these giant / great year cycles.


In the meantime these demons are doing everything they can to try and prevent this from happening but just start to look more and ridiculous and thus exposing themselves even further. They are apparently addicted to sodomy and having sex with human children and are obviously not looking forward to being forced back underground where they belong. Thus they are plastering themselves with more and more make up and fashions to try and hide the fact they are turning back into demons, as well as trying to vaccinate us all and poison our food and water to dumb us down enough so we will hopefully not notice just how ugly these freaks are becoming……and their shape shifting teeth. Chemtrailing the sky and the air is another tactic to try and slow down this awakening process……blocking the Sun and adding even more chemicals to the air we breath.

History repeats and thus why all of this is well documented in the Bible – the historical and spiritual guide book of humanity, now ignored and frowned upon by fools around the Western world, on the advice of their various sodomite false idols.  We have been through it all a thousand times before……nothing new under the Sun, as they say.

We have ad-libbed a little bit here, with stuff we have picked up from both earlier Bonacci and elsewhere, not least just by sitting around doing as little as humanly possible and gazing at the Sun all day……while smoking tobacco. Although admittedly while sticking to a fairly healthy sort of a no dead animal diet.

In fact we would suggest that the above summary could be nominated for one of the best descriptions of the situation out there – but credit should really go to this man…Santos Bonacci…….who taught us our ABC’s and spell-ings….the code of this matrix.

While this never ending story all unfolds…..and at a quickening pace…..before our very eyes…Media Whores strongly recommends that Kiwis and fellow human beings overseas, do everything they can in the meantime to try and keep your children away from these demons….not least their schools, doctors, real estate agents, lawyers, judges, media personalities, MP’s, movie producers and ‘entertainers’. Make like the old days and entertain yourselves. In fact, Govern yourselves also.

Media Whores is also reaching out to Jacinda Ardern, Kelvin Davis and Alison Mau to check with them as to whether these awkward truths are politically correct or not and if perhaps we should be increasing the dose of genetically modified monkey cells in the vaccines so as to compensate?  But don’t hold your breath for an ‘official’ response………..(unless of course when you see the chemtrails directly above).

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6 thoughts on “Santos Bonacci – these Demons Come from Under Ground”

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    Sham says:

    Am I overthinking, or is Marc Ellis telling us something discreetly in this clip?

    Watch from 0:40 – 0:48

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    Jack says:

    Mental slavery is the worst form of the illusion of freedom, it makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor, while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes….welcome to the free your mind club.

    The business of Santos Bonacci regarding these demonic entities existing under the ground came into the realm of the New Zealander, here referred to as “the Kiwi researcher” TKR, just as Santos Bonacci is the Australian researcher, who got deported out of Germany with effectively little less than a death warrant attached to him back in 1996, by sinister elements of German corruption. One of these demons, that Santos has spoken of, came out of the ground and tried to kill TKR. This will be described a bit later.

    It also helps to understand that all over New Zealand, the land was subject to Makutu or curses left upon it. It does not matter whether you believe in that stuff or not, the fact is that plenty of people do and have had to clear major Makutu problems from their land. A lot of this Makutu energy was bound into place by cannibalism and blood sacrifice, just as the satanic pedophile sodomist Nazi Zionists do, in their satanic ritual abuse, and one of the arguments put forward is that if there is enough blood, and torture, then that is how financial techniques are provided. That these have demonic origin.

    About 2 years after getting out of Germany alive, TKR in late 1998 was to discover what could be considered for New Zealanders to be the “magical fishing net of Maui”. That in fact, the land itself, has secrets built into it or hidden within it. Sometimes those, prophets we usually call them, who lived in the past, such as Maui, put stuff in places that could not be reached until a certain level of maturity had been reached, is usually how it goes. It was referred to as being “hidden behind the rainbow”.

    In Tibet the lotus born one, Guru Rinpoche, Padma Sambhava, has such hidden stuff attributed to him. Tertons I think they are called, to be discovered only by Mahasiddha’s.

    The magical fishing net, was able to be configured as a series of interrelated NZ business systems and methods of marketing application. With the final aim being of supply being unable to match demand, so as to increase work and product value. With moderate to severe corruption issues ever since. Compliments of including NZs “totally corrupt” according to Ross Meurant, police Masonic force, and obviously other players able to pull the strings of the diplomatic protection squad, and get rid of evidence of such tampering.

    It was Maui who had such authority, via the “jawbone of his Grandmother” to be able to bind “the sacred fish” “the Messiah”, to the Earth and thereby set in place the healing power known as The Peace Nation of Waitaha. Which began from the middle East, went to Easter Island and via Easter Island ended up in New Zealand.

    Because as mentioned earlier that at the most basic level, the land is in fact, “the word of God”. That without the land there is no beginning for humans, and in fact, since “ in the beginning is the word”. So therefore the land is the word of God, like a simultaneous geometric parallel, that are not exactly identical, but are simultaneously inseparable, as like octaves of a musical scale, in the beginning was the word = in the beginning was the land, (remember the definition that humans are electric light being who are HELD BY / CONTROLLED BY sacred geometric form). Meaning that if the Waka is the land, then the Waka is also the human body, which is also the land, which is in turn reversed in direction and bound in that direction by massive powers of satanic blood sacrifice ritual. Meaning that to discover the way out, required the land itself to renew or redo the power of the Christ sacrifice. So as to be able to in fact break the curse. Which happened in Germany.

    That there is actually a beginning. That everything does not just come out of nothing. Even though it does. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. Also at other levels, describes energy and energy transformation. In this case the word Aotearoa belonged to the South Island and the word Te Whia Repo (the sacred fish) belonged to the North Island, as a system of energy transformation. Specific to the creation of a peace Nation, only due to the binding power of the sacred fish to the Waka / Ark called Aotearoa. Going all the way back to and including “the beginning of time”. With the prow of the Waka at Bluff, the stern at or near Nelson and the anchor at Stewart island. That this is how the oral transmission of the upper jawbone (sacred knowledge) of the Grandmother of Maui, was applied to or bound, “the sacred fish to the word of God”. The word of God in this case being Aotearoa. As an effect and intention including the beginning of time. Meaning the creation of an eternal peace Waka/Ark = the promised land.

    Obviously those powers that hate peace and worship only war and the cannibalism of the human flesh and the sacrifice of the innocent children to the machine of war, totally hated this.

    Hence the very unusual business of totally reversing the direction of the Waka of Aotearoa, and removing the name of the sacred fish, from the word of God (from the land). It must have taken a lot of time and organisation to do that. It is most likely that took place involving massive blood sacrifice every step of the way. Because that is how the Satanists bind the power, blood sacrifice and most especially of innocent children in the most tortured manner possible. Hence the use of 1080 poison is presumed, so as to torture to death by poison (it takes approx. 8 hours each for at least 3 million native birds) millions of the most precious and innocent children of the forest of New Zealand, and in the most pure and pristine places, disguised as “the battle for our birds”, by the Satanist pedophile sodomist Nazi Zionist John Key, Bill English, Nick Smith and others. Presumably using NZ as the template, or tuning fork, for International war and terror. At the beginning of time.

    In the beginning was the Word Aotearoa, (the rainbow wreathed Waka / Ark) and the Word was with the land, meaning that the word was with God, and was God. Just like a potter makes a jar from a lump of clay. So also can energy be formed. Just like making a pot from a ball of clay. BUT it appears this energy renews or refreshes itself every Aeon of time. Thoth who has a birds head, a bit like a Kiwi head, although it is said to be the head of an Ibis, is associated with this 2000 year energy change. This cyclical renewal of the energy dance. The Aeon of Pisces was specific to Jesus Christ.

    TKR first met Jesus Christ when lying on the side of the road near Piha in 1986, and was about to give up, the brutality level involved was finally beyond him, and was once again locked in a pain level that made it impossible to speak and all the muscles of the body were seized etc, and then Jesus Christ turned up, glowing like a full moon. An absolute miracle happened at exactly the moment that TKR decided to give up the past 6 years brutally cruel efforts to force the universe to reveal its secrets. By simple focused brute force.

    Jesus Christ stood there about 3 metres away just looking into the distance, and indicated to TKR not to give up but to carry on, far into the distance which he gazed into, hence the words “I go before you always”, and “I will lift you up on the last day”, were seen to take place. Which is what happened here. April 1986. Thirty two years ago. It wasn’t until nearly 9 years later that Jesus Christ actually spoke to TKR and then took TKR to meet God. Where the unfortunate TKR then faced the absolute terror of being atomised. But managed to slip out of that very sudden and deadly problem as well.

    Nearly 3 years after the first meeting with Jesus Christ, TKR experienced being clothed in robes of stainless white light totally drenched in his own blood. This revelation happened while waiting to be falsely sentenced by an exclusive Brethren Judge, an exclusive Brethren Judge who also tried to ensure that TKR kept a totally corrupt lawyer, until a boot to the balls of an unfortunate prison officer dropping him the middle of the High Court, quickly changed that exclusive Brethren Judges perverted idea of the law of the jungle.

    The business of the blood drenched robes of light is probably upon reflection a level reserved to minor prophets or the suchlike of the Christian “higher mathematical studies” elite levels. Since such robes of white light are only mentioned in the Bible when the disciples met Elijah and Moses and Jesus dressed like that.

    Whether or not that is the case, is irrelevant other than that it took another 8 years of similar difficulties before the “it is done” with the voice of God business took place in Germany, where the power of God suddenly came down upon the body of TKR and spoke those words in great authority like a lions roar, where TKR had steeled himself to be tortured to death, with no way out.

    Having begun steeling himself to that end in the Blue Mountains of Australia about 6 months earlier and then getting on with it, to the bitter end, in Germany. The term “my people are in danger”, was quite a lot more than that, the energy as it was understood meant, they were facing total extermination and also the total destruction of Christianity and the total separation of the male and female was part of the intent that TKR had observed as being simultaneous and necessary to deal with.

    What is important about that, is that the Islamics claim Jesus Christ to simply be one of the prophets, yet here is a very clear case of it taking another 8 years to pass from what is presumably the simple prophet level to the “it is done” with the voice of God speaking the words in a thunderous roar.

    Simply establishing without doubt the falseness of this “just another prophet” claim by the Islamics regarding Jesus Christ. That the prophets they speak of are just beginners compared to Jesus Christ, and the fact that it was the voice of God that spoke through the body of Jesus Christ on the cross, was, “the word of God”. Very important principles. That the Islamics appear to not be aware of. Yet. Not that it would matter anyway, as the whole business is under the bulldozer mechanics and financial control of the Satanist Nazi Zionists anyway.

    We find that when asked when he will come again Jesus says in Luke, to look for the “water pourer”. Which is Aquarius. But could just as easily relate to the Waitaha peace Nation who lived in NZ, who were called the water bearers or water pourers. Whose alleged skills included being able to see the faintest of rainbows in the desert, where water was, as presumably necessary to 60 years or so in the desert for the survival of some 400,000 people. As an elite priesthood entrusted with the water, entrusted with the totality of the life power of each of the 12 tribes. So each of the 12 tribes will have been represented by them, or Moses will have had a civil war on his hands. Water was that precious. Which would by necessity include their being taught the advanced knowledge of Moses. Because whoever had the water and whoever could find the water, would be assured of survival, and any military commander of a Nation of people would by simple logic make totally certain of such a last option of tribal survival being available. It is just common sense.

    In the Bible St Peter speaks of the matter of dealing with principles and principalities, as the command area or location of these demonic entities. This story goes to early 2000, a few months after finding out there was a “set him up” and later on “a hit” put on him by these corrupt government underling puppets known as public servants. The business was shut up as too risky to run and the other project temporarily shelved. TKR went out to Muriwai once the business was shut down, and then one evening he went for an early morning walk along the beach, about 2 am. Simply enjoying a nice walk and the night air and stars. Totally sober and not interested in whacky weed etc.

    When suddenly from no warning at all the beach split open right at the foreshore where the sea meets the land. And a really huge demon came out, with what appeared to be several heads and arms and legs and bloody fangs etc. Obviously making a sudden appearance so as to totally destroy TKR.

    But something very unusual happened to TKR just as suddenly and he was able to destroy the demon. It all happened inside of a nanosecond. Although the smashing of the demon back into the Earth from where it came with his fists may have gone on for a bit longer as it was a very fierce and extremely explosive confrontation. And the demon collapsed back into the earth, which then shut up, with the demon well and truly damaged, if not dead. That was early 2000. Another such incident took place in 2012, and this time there was no mistake about the unbridled fury required to totally destroy the demon.

    This first demon happened only a month or two before going to the South Island and the next very important stage of discoveries, the reversal of the Waka, the song of Waitaha, the rock called the beginning of time, super poison of NZ native birds in Canaan, took place. Presumably the demon at that time was sent to stop TKR getting to the South Island, and more likely than not was the demonic energy in charge of the reversal of the Waka and the whole intent to totally destroy Christianity that is what is the essence of the intent that is the reversal of the direction of the Waka of the South Island. Meaning that due to the enormity and severity of the principals involved, the demon that TKR battled with at this time may well have been Lucifer himself.

    That to be able to do this, it appears logical that “the land” itself had to pass through the “it is done” phase, in Germany.

    Because the power of Maketu and cannibalism and blood sacrifice involved was so massive, so binding, as to be eternal, that only upon renewal by the word of God, as per “it is done”, could the curse be broken, to reveal the “magical fishing net of Maui”, that is an integral part of the binding of the messiah to the Waka of the South Island.

    Or to that effect.

    Just a few words have been put together to help explain some points, that appear to relate to what is being dealt with, at the moment. That the reversal of the Waka of Aotearoa is or appears to undoubtedly be the cornerstone of the diabolical powers we are currently having to deal with and consider dealing with. At this current point in time.

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    Mike says:

    “The encroachment of banking” into Government. Iceland locked up the corrupt bankers. The banksters who are into sodomy and pedophilia and gang rape of children and the disappearance of a nations treasury reserves into the pockets of international corporations.

    Whereas New Zealand managed to actually have one of them as its Prime Minister. That is very backward compared to even a very small place like “Iceland”. The reason is regularly put forward that New Zealanders being too trusting and are easy to take down with a sucker punch. An easy mark. With a dreadful social and financial cost.

    If John Key was to get 1% of the interest on the $60 Billion he borrowed, that would be at 5% some $3 Billion per year just in interest. His 1% of that would be $30 million per annum. Over ten years that including other thievery associated to him, including the collapse of the Irish economy, would be to set him into the Billionaire level. Which would allow him into the Bilderberg group. Can anyone believe he got into the job assisted by Don Brash and Bill English for the benefit of the people of New Zealand.

    Anything associated to him stunk of pedophilia, the cover up of the British pedophile elite, and the recent leaving New Zealand by the Lord Palumbo who in 2015, had purchased and was planning a setup on Waiheke Island for musicians and artists and the such like, could only have been a front for another place to gang rape and execute children.

    On Waiheke Island, which has been exposed on mediawhores for its unusual associations with “do the math” pedophile bloodlines, such as Robert Fenwick and visits by the suchlike sodomist pedophiles like Barrack Obama and others. I suggest that mediawhores may like to give itself a pat on the back, for being partly responsible for getting rid of this British elite dirtbag. Who it is put forward, in 2015, organised with John Key and paid for puppet cronies, a property purchase on Waiheke Island to set up another pedophile ring party palace, disguised as being for “the public good”. Waiheke Islanders are now on the “lookout” for these satanic perverts and it is too hot to easily do business there now. Thanks to mediawhores being on watch and creating a suitable forum.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      marc ellis lives in waiheke island aye?
      amongst the ‘in crowd’
      hate to imagine what you have to go thru to work your way up

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