Toni Street Demonic Shape Shifting Teeth


Note – 29,000 views in the first 49 minutes of posting this folks. The evolution of mankind will not be televised ūüėČ Many go into the millions within a few days of posting…..

Watch closely and pause etc…and you will notice¬†how they try to speak with their mouths and lips as closed as possible, while trying to look sexy at the same time. John Campbell is another good example. Must be quite an effort. They put a huge amount of¬†effort into speaking so as to hide those fangs.

Don’t know how they got away with it for so long. Testament to our collective blindness…and helps explain why these media¬†huas are always pushing the vaccines… help keep us all dumbed down…as they rob from the poor…..and the middle class….who are fast becoming the new poor.

They have¬†teeth¬†like swords and¬†fangs¬†like knives. They devour the poor from the earth and the needy from among humanity. ‚ÄstProverbs 30:14

Images from the TVNZ article below – which cleverly mixes adult nudity and drunkenness with young children, then paints it up as ‘cute’. Bolshevik cultural Marxism, pushed upon us by demonic snakes……hiding behind digital cameras.

Also note how so many of these ‘entertainers’ have cancer scares and surgeries? Almost all of them do at some stage. To help sell the chemotherapy to you……..while covering up all of the hidden cures…..

More examples below

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