Is North Korea Filmed in Queenstown with Luke Dallow Playing the Role of Kim Jung Un?



Media Whores kind of mentioned this just in passing last night on the 666 o’clock news, but it has dawned on us this morning that it probably deserves a little more investigation….if not a full transvestigation.

Anyone with half a brain knows that North Korea doesn’t actually exist and is another Hollywood / Synagogue fiction – much like so called nuclear weapons – but could Auckland businessman Luke Dallow be playing the part of ‘North Korean’ leader Kim Jung Un?

Dallow ticks all of the boxes folks. From one of these ‘holocaust surviving’ families, started 96.6 George FM which spearheads the child sex and drug movement in New Zealand, then sold it to Jewish owned Media Works, which is essentially the CIA in New Zealand, and now works in real estate with Barfoot & Thomson……another of these large corporate / communist outfits. …….and appears to have those same shape shifting/ demonic teeth.

Luke Dallow is certainly part of the ‘club’.

And lets face it…….he is the spitting image of Kim Jung Un really. We have all now seen what these shape shifters can do with a little make up…..

What do you think?

Anyone know how to use that face morphing software?

Is ‘North Korea’ being filmed down in Queenstown New Zealand? With Luke Dallow in the staring role?

Note Youtube have removed all the videos exposing the North Korea hoax recently, as the Synagogue of Satan prepared for their next big global political hoax…….check this out, all gone……bit like all of the holy-hoax & staged terrorism videos……

The Otto Warmbier Hoax

Breaking News – North Korea Invades the Arctic

Breaking – Trump Declares War with Eurasia

Breaking – King Kim Ping Pong Threatens to Nuke ‘New Zeerrrand’

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2 thoughts on “Is North Korea Filmed in Queenstown with Luke Dallow Playing the Role of Kim Jung Un?”

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      mediawhores says:

      could help defuse the situation aye
      the synagogue of satan’s wwiii narrowly averted 😉

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