Shape Shifting Snake Jack Tame Hints at Bestiality Fetish on TVNZ Breakfast


Featured Image – Jack Tame’s eyes and teeth shape shift live on TV each day.


New Zealand’s biggest ever leak of child abuse allegations remains uninvestigated – not even the media will touch it.

“The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed. “

Presumably this is because the serial kiddie fiddlers and pedophile satanist families that they expose are the same ones running our media, justice system and government.

Media Whores is willing to bet that these families and their off spring are the same ones we are now witnessing shape shifting all over our TV screens as the digital technology allows us to pause and look at them more closely.

Their teeth morph into fangs as they speak and their eye pupils flash into snake like vertical shapes in an instant and then shift back to normal human eyes again. And their primary purpose in life is to ‘entertain’ and distract you while you are robbed by the corporations and government that sponsor them, and your children vaccinated and sexually abused.

Exposure of these snakes is happening now World wide as humanity wakes up to this reality.

#TheyLive among us.

Now Jack Tame seems like such a innocent fun loving type right? Yeah well so was Jimmy Savile. And Cliff Richard and look what we learned about them later – and only after it was too late.

Jack Tame’s shows are full of sexual innuendo and constant perverted references.

The New Zealand public needs to ask themselves – why is it that we have a bunch of pervert 30 something year olds running our media and Government, and all they do is go on about sex ‘rights’ / rituals and jokes all day while more and more Kiwis are forced on to the streets and die of obesity and cancer?

Today Jack Tame made the following references to so called ‘furries’. A well known reference to people who like to have sex with animals and people wearing animal suits, as we also saw in the leaked Cameron Slater and David Farrar emails. Also a reference to Art Green oddly enough. Anyone who has been on the Bachelor is clearly a pervert with serious emotional issues…..if not a transgender, as all of these new age celebrities are overseas……

The NZ media – not least the tax payer funded media – is now pure 100% Satanism and Satanic programming – run by a small bunch of highly inbred Bolshevik lunatics and sexual perverts. Demons in short.

And how about those names folks? Art Green, Duncan to Garner, Jack is Tame, Shawn is using an Alias, the Patsy is Ready, Matty is Clean, Slater, Latent Smith, John is the Key to this takeover, Jacindaeralla is so Adorable etc. It’s the freaking twilight zone.

Seriously – are they all demon lizards who have come up from underground to try and have sex with everything and anything that moves? Like that scene out of Lord of the Rings…..there must be a factory underground that is producing these freaks on an industrial scale.

First up some screen prints of shape shifting snakes taken from TVNZ both this morning and the past few days on other shows……then the video of Jack Tame’s reference to the ‘furries’.

Everyone you see on the TV is either a tranny, a sexual deviant, and/ or a shape shifter. Talk about worshiping false idols. Lizard worship in fact……It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to fund them….and could investigate them all for child abuse….

Notice the first picture that Jack Tame shows in the clip below is clearly a stuffed animal taking it up the backside, followed by a gorilla feeling itself up while holding a ‘rope’,  then another anal related theme. Deliberate sexualization of animals on your tax payer funded breakfast ‘news’. He also makes it clear that he produced this ridiculous clip and mumbles something about “conservation issues”. What have animals locked up in Zoos got to do with conservation? It is in fact the complete opposite of conservation. This was Jack ‘Tame’ communicating his sexual attraction to ‘furry’ animals on tax payer funded TV. Animal “Lover” – indeed……very weird….but not unusual for these media shape shifters these days……

The public is now warned to keep Jack Tame and these other demons away from not just your children, but away from your pets as well………

Meet Our New Insect Overlords…..

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