Has TVNZ Solved the Jack ‘Tame’ Shape Shifting Problem?


Featured Image – Demonic Jack Tame of TVNZ Breakfast now has a Play button strategically placed over his shape shifting teeth to hide his demonic snake’s fangs


“There is a generation whose teeth are swords, whose fangs are knives, devouring the oppressed from the land and the needy from among mankind” – Prov 30:14

Media Whores is not ashamed to admit that we raced on line this evening to check out TVNZ on Demand, probably like at least 30 or 40 other Kiwis around the Country do every night of the week, although admittedly most of them are probably in their 80’s and only do so to watch Coronation Street replays.

Media Whores was doing so purely to see how TVNZ and Jack off ‘Tame’ would respond to the Nation’s leading and most read real news and information website having exposed Tame as an alien lizard shape shifter….who is apparently into sex with animals.

And we were not disappointed

It seems the producers at TVNZ – most of whom are probably shape shifting snakes also – figured out that if they simply place Jack Off in the center of the screen, every time someone presses the pause button , the “Play” button would come up and block out Jack Tame’s demonic shape shifting alien lizard teeth.

Say what you like about these snakes, but they are certainly clever.

jack-tame-demonic-shape-shifting-666-eyes-teeth-4 jack-tame-demonic-shape-shifting-666-eyes-teeth

The other guy pictured is Dr Robert Patman – another tax payer funded snake from Otago University who has been lying to the Nation about the fake war of terror for the past 15 years and should  be arrested and investigated for pedophilia also

They also apparently gave Daniel Faitaua a pair of new homosexual high heel snake skin boots to wear and put an extra pair of socks down Matty Mclean’s pants in the hopes it would help distract all 40 viewers more as well. Fashion is for fa fa fa David Farrar, after all. And we all know what he is don’t we…..


Hate to break it to you lads, but all the statistics show you were most likely fiddled with as kids. And now your working for the people who did it.

We should do a full transvestigation on that ‘Hayley Holt’ also, but really can’t be bothered.

Looks like this new method will take a little more practice however, as they didn’t quite get it lined up each time and still no solution for the split screen interviews….

(Sorry if image gallery not working properly folks – we must have every pedophile lizard with a keyboard trying to mess with this website now) 

Folks – we have an infestation of demonic shape shifting snakes running our media and Government.

These are the same demonic lizards that staged the Bolshevik invasion of Russia and pre Nazi Germany.

Our ancestors would be rolling in their graves if they knew we had allowed these demonic shape shifting kiddie fiddlers, thieves and war criminals to get so much power here. Its a frigging disgrace.

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