Specsavers Mark of the Beast 666 Ritual Sodomy…and the CURE for Blindness


Featured Image – the Specsavers advertising campaign displaying the Mark of the Beast/ shape shifting lizard people……666 and the All Seeing Eye of Masonic Sodomy and Pedophilia. You apparently have to hand over your children to be sodomized to join ‘the club’. We have heard the Club Rooms are very trendy – but obviously the price of membership is a little high. 

The NZ public are being warned to keep their children a safe distance from Specsavers and always keep a close on them if for any reason you have to pass by one of their stores or live close to any of the senior management.

Learning to spot the masonic code is the key to helping keep you and your family safe while we move through this difficult period.

You will know these demons by their deeds, but also by the symbols they use. 666’s, X’s, 33’s, the rings of Saturn, hexagrams (666), etc. All of which is so called ‘Saturn’/ Satan worship – God of the Lizard people.

Also of course using shape shifters on their website advertising….

Dr Sebi explains the cure for human blindness. He never did figure out about the lizard people thing though – little bit too much coke probably……

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