STOP GIVING THEM YOUR BLOOD ! World Blood Donors Day Exposed



It is being used to produce more of them.

Stop feeding the beast!

Take a look at these freaks:

Shape Shifting Snake Jack Tame Hints at Bestiality Fetish on TVNZ Breakfast

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2 thoughts on “STOP GIVING THEM YOUR BLOOD ! World Blood Donors Day Exposed”

  1. They love it when I’m asked by these vampires scouting for new prospects from the blood donation racket and reply B-, for some reason they get a big hard on over negative blood types! The only donation I give is to the poor sods rejected by society and WINZ, who gives a fuck if they blow it on booze and durries to escape the hell their live must seem. Sounds a better deal than donating to a charity that’s tax exempt and 5cents on the dollar if lucky gets to where its needed, the rest pays for clipboard toting, flouro vest wearing bucked teeth Brits indoctrinated by Common Purpose.

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