Breaking News – TVNZ Building Fire



Well – TVNZ is dead folks.

It got invaded by the pedophile shape shifting Bolsheviks and turned into a celebration of fashion, gay sex, child sex, sex in general, prescription drugs, and Jack Tame’s bestiality fetish – as opposed to news, entertainment and information.

Check this out:

“We say it is only a matter of time”

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Same cladding as the Grenfell fire in London – another of these masonic false flags set up so that fat old pedophile Russian Jews could take over the land and build upmarket apartments instead.

These pedophile shape shifting demons actually want someone to come and try and set fire to their building. They are in fact advertising for it.

This is a great example of how these demonic Bolshevik shape shifters work.

They will keep pushing and proding – and abusing children – and people’s pets – until someone snaps.

They want the violence. They want revolution.

They are begging for it. That is what these Russian Tavistock Jews were sent in to do. Murder and rape as many Kiwis as they can and then set fire to things. What they always do.

Then they all sit back on their screens from Israel and Russia and watch the Western World set fire to itself.

They want revolution, not evolution.

Evolution is their biggest threat. Violent revolution is their greatest asset. They encourage and even fund it. Even advertise for it on the TVNZ news.

Media Whores for one has no desire to set fire to anything – or to harm any other Kiwis for that matter.

We just wish these demonic shape shifting Bolshevik kiddie fiddlers would fk off back to where ever their snake ancestors came from – Poland, Austria, Germany and Soviet Russia…and Israel.

In fact it is high time the NZ Army was sent in to arrest everyone at tax payer funded TVNZ and the Beehive – and then detain them all peacefully to await fair trials for terrorism, genocide, kiddie fiddling, treason and drug trafficking. Under a new common law justice system of course – the existing Judiciary are clearly also a bunch of demonic kiddie fiddlers.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News – TVNZ Building Fire”

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    Lucy says:

    Ha ha. You reckon they want a revolution, so they can start using shooters on Kiwi’s. They wont get so lucky. Kiwi’s are smarter than that and will simply find them one at a time and sort them out that way. My personal preference is in a deep pit with half a dozen hungry pig dogs. Although being hung by the neck from a gallows after a setting up a Common Court of Law and a Common Court decision would be almost as exciting to watch.

    A few of them have been getting warnings that some boys have their details. Jock Anderson the news media National Party spokesman fled the scene real fast once he was about to get a visit.

    What seems to be missing is the faces of those two Judges at the Auckland district court, I think one was called Stevens, who got rid of the Court case of Gregg Hallett in 2008, and who triple sealed his sworn Court “New Zealand is a pedophile ring fronting as a country” evidence from view, without getting permission from two places (1) NZ Police Central who were in collusion with the satanic police hub in Dunedin according to Ian Wishart in 2008 and (2) Auckland City Council.

    Getting rid of that Court case of Gregg Hallett’s and covering up that evidence is what allowed the whole process to continue. Hallett’s material was critical at the time. That is how the witch “hell in clerk” (Satan herself hidden in plain sight) managed to escape prosecution. Those Judges need to be observed, so the community knows who these treacherous, traitorous, pedophile enabling, kiddie killing scum bags are and what they look like.

    Hurting and raping and killing the kids is the red line in the sand in the USA and so is should be in NZ. One at a time and using their favourite tricks, like a bit of suicide by suddenly jumping from buildings will be a lot of fun. It’s the enforcers who really need to be found. They will wish the freemasions got to them first.

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      mediawhores says:

      we support common law courts
      avoid the violence
      they want violence
      the entire goal is for race war and violence

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