Allegations John Key is Sleeping with His ‘Daughter’ – Steve Key


Featured Image – Stephanie Key / Cherry Lazer being wined and dined by her creepy child abusing lunatic father …with some more creepy diplomats waiting patiently in the distance. Key must be gunning for another promotion. This is one lizard who just refuses to go away. Instagram. 


Allegations John Key has been sexually abusing his daughter – if it is actually a daughter – since she/he was a child.

As well as pimping her out to foreign diplomats.

Often you will see the symptoms later on in life as the child tries to break free of their MK Ultra child sex abuse programming

Images – TVNZ, Stuff and Media Works


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2 thoughts on “Allegations John Key is Sleeping with His ‘Daughter’ – Steve Key”

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    Cindy says:

    How much would it cost to organise this and how can funding be obtained to consider the options and other cost factors.
    Since Winston Peters likes to have fun, with the likes of Hugh Fletcher and Lowell Goddard as his past Minister of Horse Racing implies, suggest that he organises a dwarf throwing contest from the bottom of Auckland harbour bridge to the top of it.

    That way New Zealand can become famous not only for a pedophile ring disguised as a Country, aired on Nationwide USA radio by Doctor Jim Fetzer, run by a dwarf, accidentally of course, but for potentially becoming the dwarf throwing capital of the world.

    Great for international headlines for a lot of free advertising and a speeded up version, something like the keystone cops, could easily go viral on the internet.

    Headlines “New Zealand Prime Minister enters dwarf throwing contest”, to be the first to be thrown up to the top of Auckland Harbour bridge and back down again. Photo taken as putting on crash helmet and knee pads with the four big dwarf throwing goons standing nearby.

    So there is a big marketing plus for this to go ahead. The potential for marketing would be as big as, if not bigger than the Americas Cup yacht racing, with almost none of the associated costs.

    Winston Peters would make an awesome practise dwarf. From whichall future standards of dwarf throwing criteria measurements can be initially made. He surely would enjoy being part of so much useful community fun and job creation development for political dwarfs.

    International contests for dwarf throwing should see a considerable stable of dwarfs being trained and employed more usefully than Winston Peters currently is.

    Once out of politics then Winston Peters could become more useful and become a professionally thrown dwarf and train others to be professionally trained dwarfs. Finally the opportunity to actually be a useful human being and not merely a pedophile enabling and social soul destroying parasite.

    Dwarf throwing would be with kneepads and with crash helmets.

    Based on several factors (1) time taken to throw a dwarf from the bottom to the top of the Auckland harbour bridge, so the speed of throwing dwarfs is an important fitness factor.

    Providing room to potentially becomes an international speed race and go onto bigger and greater things such as the sporting event for the Olympics

    (2) the number of times a dwarf needs to be thrown to get the dwarf from the bottom of the Auckland harbour bridge to the top of the Auckland harbour bridge: Most dwarfs won’t be able to be thrown more than 5 metres, by two men, although four men should be able to throw them further and if thrown too high to get extra distance could easily break or dislocate various body parts. So quite a bit of physical fitness is required by both the tossed and the tossers.

    It would be great to practice such high and low throws with Winston, to find out what height would be best to not cause broken and dislocated bones. Instead of just being a tosser of a dwarf, he can totally reinvent himself, and get tossed.

    This will require dwarfs not cheating by bouncing more than would be normal, not landing on their hands so they can push themselves a few inches further, by not landing on their shoulders so they can roll further, by not landing on their feet so they can tumble, by not landing on their heads so they can do a sneaky neck roll and can extra distance.

    Meaning that technique in dwarf throwing is all important and requires a few rules to be developed to stop cheating.

    Watching dwarf throwing with Winston should allow most dwarf cheating trickery techniques to be quickly seen, and help establish New Zealand as not merely being so widely known as a satanic pedophile ring fronting as a country, but as a hub for tossing dwarf tossers such as Winston, up and down bridges.

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