Dairy Farmers v’s Jewish Muslim Neanderthal Pedophiles


Featured Image – an amateur artist’s impression of ‘Mason’ the GHB date rape freak from Auckland…….it will suffice for use as a NZ dairy farmer.


Another restless night worrying if we had offended anybody.

Or more that we may have contradicted ourselves again.

In that previous article about the Uber Jewish Muslim Neanderthal pedophile gangs operating across the World these days – under Babylonian Talmudic Law – and not least working for Jewish owned (and therefore tax free) Uber – the dude made a comment about there only being three races on this particular plane.

Media Whores has stated many times before that there are actually only two races – the human race, and some sort of shape shifting lizard race that comes from underground somewhere, possibly in Iran. And arguably a half breed human/snake race that have resulted from the use of too much alcohol and drugs at the wrong type of parties.

In the Biblical sense there are said to be 13 Tribes – namely the human race of Aries through to Pisces and then a 13th Tribe of Levi/ Evil who are presumably the lizard /snake people.

The other point to make is that article gives a very much European World view – from people who have lived in their lands for thousands of years and now find they are being squeezed out and their children sexually assaulted by foreigners as their Jewish Talmudic judiciary protects the sex offenders and runs the immigration program.

Not unlike what is happening here, except that Europeans in New Zealand probably have a little less ground to stand on when it comes to crying wolf about the foreign invasion of ‘their land’.

We have been back this morning and added the caveat to that post that Maori have pretty much worn it from both directions and probably find recent European anger at ‘foreign invasion’ a little harder to stomach.

It is interesting to note however that the author describes ‘Aryans’ in the following way….

“Currently, the vast majority of Aryan populations reside in Iran, North Korea, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, a divided Pakistan, India, America, Europe and Russia. And precisely why these countries are being targeted for destruction by Jewish and Masonic politicos (Neanderthal-Neocons)”

A better description for ‘Ayran’ might just be ‘Human Beings’ – all of whom are being targeted for destruction by the Masonic lizard people – whether it be by US soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan, Muslim pedophile gangs in the UK, or just plane old homosexual propaganda in all of the Jewish owned media.

As for the dairy farmers?

We also found ourselves wondering what was worse for this Country – the Jewish Masonic pedophiles, or the 12,000 odd dairy farmers who are raping and parasiting off our entire country side and environment, as well as an entire species of animal at the same time.

Both are obviously parasitic anti christ filth.

It would be a close competition we think, but at the end of the day, the dairy farmers are all under the thumbs of those same Jewish Masonic pedophiles, so would have to be considered a close second. Many might argue then followed by smart asses with their technology.

And that’s the Mews….

Check out this shape shifter……



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