Jacinda Ardern Premature Baby Announcement News – with Peter Thiel


Featured Image – Jacinda Ardern is shape shifter Peter Thiel dressed in drag


Thought we better sneak this one in there before the big day.

Timed for winter solstice – they always use occult/ astrological dates these shape shifting freaks. Also mid winter to give all of the corporate transvestite Sky TV and TVNZ subscribers something to worship.

Those who are not munching down HEK293 aborted baby fetus ‘Natural Flavours’ every day of the week would have noticed that ‘Jacinda’ never took a day off work, never got morning sickness, and never put on any weight.

This is because, men do not get pregnant.

Although Synagogue of Satan / shape shifting lesbian / bi sexual communist lawyer Mai Chen seems to disagree…of course


If the NZ police were doing their jobs an investigation would be launched into where exactly Peter Thiel and Clarke Gaylord are stealing this child from.

Our guess is overseas, as stealing another one from CYF NZ would be a little bit risky.

Or they hatch them in an underground lab in Israel somewhere – as people have suggested of Mark Zuckerberg…… and Sam Morgan.





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