7 Signs Your Judge Could be a Kiddie Fiddler


Featured Image – Judge Raoul Neave, known to bullshite his way through court hearings, then just make up some more bullshite at the end of it and call it a ‘ruling’. ie) intentionally corrupt. 


Knowing what we know now about how this current communist/ capitalist system works – it is reasonable to suspect that anyone who works for the Government in a senior administrative or so called ‘leadership’ capacity, could indeed be a kiddie fiddler being bribed by the shadow/ foreign / globalist government. Not least if they are outwardly and intentionally corrupt.

And not least the New Zealand judiciary – the biggest child sex trafficking gang in the Nation, and probably the entire South Pacific.

So here are some quick tips to help the NZ public discern whether their local judge could also be a kiddie fiddler.

  1. Looks like a kiddie fiddler. Follow your instincts on that one.
  2. He/she is a judge. See above – the biggest child sex traffickers in the South Pacific, if not the entire Pacific.
  3. Wears long black robes. Pedophiles just love to play dress up
  4. Wears those trendy black rimmed reading glasses – a huge hit with both the new age ‘liberal’ communists – and kiddie fiddlers. And with the sight impaired of course, but you may need a ‘yes’ on more than one of these items.
  5. Keeps asking for your full name. What’s up with that? That is what pedophiles do. Never give your full name to strangers. Always ask by what authority they are seeking your full name, then ask for their full name first, and some ID and proof of any qualifications.
  6. Asks you to ‘swear’ on the Bible. ie) commit Blasphemy. You got yourself a potential kiddie fiddler satanist right there. Try to avoid swearing anywhere near it.
  7. They then ‘judge’ you. Thou shalt not judge – as we all know. Or at least try to refrain from it – not a make a bloody living out of it. Breaking God’s law is only a hop skip and a jump away from pedophilia, so that’s another big warning sign.

Please note this advice also applies to the new ‘circuit judges’ – in fact more so, as it appears as if the Bolsheviks are using more and more so called ‘circuit judges’ so as to help keep corrupt judges safe ie) not living in the communities that they are screwing over. Others have suggested that circuit judges are also used to help distribute the Crown’s meth around the Countryside, as well as being much more frequent visitors to the Child Youth and Family ‘safe houses’……

Media Whores recommends every Kiwi prints off this advice and hands it around their friends and family, in case they are ever confronted by one of these creepy old buggers in their black satanic gowns, whether it be at the local court house, cafe, or even a local park.

The Synagogue of Satan – Judge Raoul Neave

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New Zealand’s Most Corrupt Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips of Queenstown

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Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

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    Jack says:

    Take a closer look at this piece of human dogsh*t Judge Raoul Neave. Guess who appointed him, none other than the ratbag who covered up the satanic police hub in Dunedin in 1985, and according to Gregg Hallett earnt himself a knighthood. Everybody who reads mediawhores this should know “Michael Cullen” by now. That’s who. In 2007. Auntie Hell in Clerks time, just before she disappeared as fast as she could to the UN (the latest UN summit had opening prayers to the God of cannibalism and child sacrifice, see Alex Newmans material) and Gregg Halletts “sworn affidavit and court evidence” material got covered up and silenced by a totally corrupt Auckland district court in 2008.

    Guess where this Judge Raoul Neave hailed from as a lawyer. Christchurch. The satanic hub of NZ police corruption according to the material evidence presented by Ian Wishart in 2008. That’s the place where the Christchurch Creche kiddie rapes of at least 100 children took place and Peter Ellis was set up, with at least a dozen lawyers down there (suggest the whole lot, with a bare minimum of 80% by overseas evidence) being covered up, by setting up Peter Ellis as a scapegoat.

    The person who wrote the book on the Christchurch crèche case couldn’t understand why Christchurch lawyers were so fast to buy the book up. For further legal research???? That’s the case where Nick Smith got done for perjury or perverting justice. The real perverts of pedo NZ were hanging around Christchurch at this time. Michael Cullen and Nick Smith included, no doubt this Judge Raoul was party to the business of setting up Peter Ellis by the local satanic masonic Constabulary at the time, and making sure the lawyers responsible and politicians and judges and police got off scott free. A real dirt bag for sure of the most vicious, violent kind. Which brings the matter to kiddie cannibalism and torture and the “ratline” of child exporting that runs from Christchurch and from Dunedin to Queenstown. Queenstown now being the place where the wealthy elite are setting up boltholes. Problem is that they have an addiction to the drug of their choice, tortured cannibalised children, and so had a series of ratlines being set up Hence the mass murder of the Bain family when the two girls were about to expose their game plan. Its all about the ratline to service the drug needs of the pedophile elite in Queenstown.

    After the mass murder of the Bain family, by the CIA and Mossad, under the Bolger Government, the then Minister of Defence (Warren Cooper I think, who was appointed to that position by the pedo elite in the UK), then went on to become the Mayor of Queenstown. The fact being that the Minister of Defence had to be party to the whole mass murder of the Bain family, as the military step by step method, by which these kiddie killers do their dirty work.

    What that means is that the whole f*cking lot get to see and sign this stuff off. Step by step. With matching paperwork for the cutouts to forward to the overview or pedophile steering committee.

    One of the recent complaints by the lawyer Frank Deliu of Auckland who complained , and has furthered his complaint to the United Nations since the complaint was covered up by the Law Society, that not only was Justice Rhys Harrison totally inept and totally corrupt, was that ……

    No Judge in NZ had ever been sacked.

    That even Australia had managed to sack a few of its most totally corrupt Judges.

    An apparently undated complaint by Mr Deliu to the Judicial Conduct Commission began:

    Note that both Spartan News and Lauda Finem before they were shut down and had their very important stuff removed from the internet had considerable discussion at the corruption of this Judicial Conduct authority.

    I write to make a complaint against Justice Rhys Harrison of the High Court on the grounds that he is a racist, or de minimis discriminates against foreigners.
    [9 ]In a letter to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner dated 13 August 2008 MrDeliu provided a three page “non-exhaustive” list of his allegations against Harrison J

    (including that he should be the first judge in New Zealand to be removed from the Bench

    because “his actions bring the administration of justice into gr
    eat disrepute, if not outright mockery”) and at para [20] continued:
    In my further submission, Justice Harrison, by refusing to further correspond with this
    office, is therefore making himself immune to accountability which is anathema to even the most primitive of democratic notions

    Coming under the headline of
    John kang Published on 2 Sep 2012

    Jin Min 3 months ago
    Disgusting incompetent bald judge

    Wednesday, 17 October 2007, 3:02 pm
    Press Release: New Zealand Government
    17 October 2007

    Christchurch lawyer appointed District Court Judge
    Raoul Edwin Neave, Barrister of Christchurch, has been appointed a District Court Judge, Attorney-General Michael Cullen announced today.

    Mr Neave was admitted in 1981 and from 1980 to 1982 was a Judges’ Clerk in the High Court, Christchurch. From 1982 to 1984 he was a Law Clerk with Lawford and Co, Grays Inn, London. From 1985 to 1993 he was a Staff Solicitor and Associate with Raymond Donnelly and Co, Christchurch and from 1993 to 1997 an Associate with Flesher Sandford, Christchurch.

    Mr Neave has been a Barrister Sole since 1997. He is a former Specialist Adviser (Criminal) to the Legal Services Agency. Since 2005 he has been a Moderator in Advocacy for the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. He has had appearances at all levels from the District Court to the Court of Appeal, both civil and criminal, over 22 years. His principal areas of practice are criminal, civil, family and administrative. For 20 years he tutored in either the Law of Evidence or Criminal Law at the University of Canterbury.

    Mr Neave is a member of the Canterbury District Law Society Council
    (currently serving as its Treasurer) TREASURER???? and was a member of the District Law Societies’ Library Steering Group STEERING GROUP???? which had the responsibility of recommending how libraries should be organised in the new legal environment. EDUCATION???? He was previously a member of the New Zealand Law Society’s Library Committee and was recently appointed to the new Courthouse Standing Committee. He is currently a member of the New Zealand Law Society Council.
    Mr Neave’s community involvement includes the Canterbury Children’s Theatre since 1989, the Christchurch Community Arts Council, the Malthouse Theatre Trust and the Christchurch Dance Education Bursary Trust.
    Mr Neave will be sworn in on 7 November 2007 and will sit in Christchurch.

    This Judge Raoul Neave is without doubt one of the worst and most connected [associates] of the pedophile elite satanic masonic kiddie killers.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      well it looks like it is confirmed folks
      Judge Raoul Neave looks like a kiddie fiddler satanist.

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