How to Convert Your Satanic NZ Dairy Farm



  1. Buy some seeds
  2. Plant them

Its not fkg rocket science is it?

You are under satanic / communist mind control. Group think on steroids….vaccines and antibiotics. Like a classroom of children enslaved in a religious cult. Which dairy farming in NZ pretty much is – a sick religious cult.

Try this – “Cast your net on the other side”.

Been back and modified that statement about NZ’s farmers this morning……..

…..New Zealand farmers need to be put out to pasture. They are a bunch of greedy fk lunatics. Vampires. Taking us all to hell with them. All still arguing that their families have ‘owned the land’ for a hundred years – well look what you have fkg done to it! And the entire neighborhood. Wollowing in shit because the advertising between All Black’s matches told you it was somehow honorable. Corporate mind control at its finest – turning a generation of NZ farmers into swine….and eventually into mindless communists on a giant Soviet style dairy farm.

Interesting to see most of the old Nasa Fail videos we used to post have been removed from Youtube…….

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