Google NZ Promoting Meth Use on it’s Search Results


Featured Image – Caroline Rainsford, Google NZ CEO. 

Check this out…..

Went to find a link the other day for the story on the NZ Navy not protecting our borders  – and searched “meth nz”….look what came up on the search results……check out the second article……


Methamphetamine | NZ Drug Foundation – At the heart of the matter
Accurate, non-biased information for New Zealanders about methamphetamine. Anyone choosing to use can find out how to stay safer.
Meth – How to stay in control if using P – DrugHelp
Staying in control if using meth or P is everything. Learn how to be mindful of your meth use so that you can act early to reduce or stop using P if it starts causing …


So Google New Zealand are serving up advice on how to stay in control of your meth use – not the risks or results of becoming a crack head.

As are the NZ government.

And we already know that Google are censoring search results they don’t like, because they are censoring ours……

So being antisemitic is out – but smoking crack and advising kids on how best to smoke crack is in.

This is a fking invasion. By smiling assassins. Foreign agents.

Its called a Bolshevik invasion. They do it over and over.

And the goal is to drag as many people into hell with them as they can…..

Google is NOT safe for kids to use. Much like Facebook.

Massey High School, Meth & the Pedophile Masonic Agenda..

NZ Navy Chief – Rear Admiral John Martin – on the Meth & Kiddie Porn

The Tall Red Head ‘Homeless’ Jew who Runs the Meth on Auckland’s K Road

They always tell you what they are planning to do in advance…..

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