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    llloyd says:

    Original image has re-appeared. Jacinda Ardern in video waves her body around instead of just licking her teeth. not horse like at all. Like a reality television personality.

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    llloyd says:

    I keep an open mind. But N Z Herald has been acting odd today. This morning China time, its Herald online showed under title Still Waiting an image of Jacinda Ardern with a scarf draped over her loins. No sign of bulge. It should be the size of a football. She was supposed to be reading and marking Government papers but her pen and documents seem primary classroom. The background to the image was also odd, appearing to be on the left side a reflection of its right side. Now the image has disappeared. It appears instead inside the title Still Waiting which hides even her loins and her stationary. Also a video inside the article, does not appear to be the Jacinda Ardern we all love.

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