Is it Time to Speak Out about Pizza Gate in New Zealand? Ciaran McKeever – Sals


Featured Image – Sals Pizza NZ. Kind of came out of nowhere really – started by American ‘entrepreneur’ Ciaran McKeever  – who arrived in NZ around the same time as John Key – and went Nationwide within a few years. Chosen by God perhaps. Reports are their ‘special salami’ from New York is very, very tasty and what has made it so successful. 


Is it time we spoke out about Pizza Gate?

In the words of Joel Macmanus/ McMananus from the Spin  Off and Critic student newspaper of Otago, Pizza Gate is the now “debunked conspiracy theory” that there is a race of shape shifting snakes who come from – or simply worship – the Planet Saturn who bred with our redhead Kings and Queens of old and produced a brood of half breed snakes who can shape shift and always seem to become hugely successful at everything…..and like to have sex with human children…..and use pizza restaurants and pizza code to hide their trafficking in, and sexual abuse of, human children. Not least constant uses of the rings of Saturn and words that use the “S” as a symbol of the snake, or Saturn, or words sounding like “eL” for Saturn also. Sounds like hell doesn’t it. And Sals probably agree.

They then apparently go on to try and transgender many of their victims as they grow up – keeping them all under some type of masonic mind control and telling them all it is ‘liberal’.

The obvious problem with this conspiracy theory ie) the one claiming that this has all been debunked – is that the actual allegations were called a ‘conspiracy theory’ from day one and never actually investigated – at all.

Now how would you feel if you were a NZ pizza chain that called itself “Sals” which looks a bit like $’eLs, or even ‘Hell Pizza‘ ie) H’eL Pizza and these astounding allegations had come out, but no one had ever investigated them…..leaving it open to lingering conspiracy theories that people and companies in NZ could also be involved in the same child sex trafficking and that that is where all their money and success actually comes from?

And also leaving some suspicion as to what exactly you are putting in your ingredients.

This all seems grossly unfair to us.

So as per usual – Media Whores is here to help.

We invite the owners of Sals – Ciaran McKeever and partners – as well as Hell’s – and anyone else that feels they have been unfairly and wrongly implicated, or even left under a cloud of fanciful suspicion due to these outrageous conspiracy theories – to comment below.

Lad’s? Here is your chance to put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

Let us not tolerate outlandish conspiracy theories – to quote Skull and Bones member George Bush.

Only by actually discussing it and truly investigating the allegations can we really safely dismiss them once and for all. Agreed?

Actually one more question for Ciaran McKeever – please confirm you are not putting those HEK293 “natural flavours” from the USA in your ‘Good Life Juices‘ . Or the Sals sauces or salamis for that matter…..

Eleventh and Second Limited – Director – Ciaran McKeever

Address: 2 Queen Street, Auckland ?? What, have you purchased the whole building? 

“The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed. –


Are you starting to see the pattern folks? Goes right back to the Civic Crache case where the children saw “black penises” – compliments of Nick Smith MP….and long before that obviously. 



Hells Kitchen: Attack Pizza, Politics To Go





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6 thoughts on “Is it Time to Speak Out about Pizza Gate in New Zealand? Ciaran McKeever – Sals”

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    Jack says:

    I’m surprised that you havent copied the veterans today article on June 2nd 2018, which includes Doctor Jim Fetzer in a Youtube article called something like “why pizzagate matters”. He goes very much into much deeper research into what took place in the Washington pedophile hub. Most especially the $65,000 Barrack Obama spent on little boys.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      every time i check that site i see holes ion it a mile wide
      always some surprisingly good stuff also, but dont follow it closely 🙂

    2. Reply
      Sham says:

      It seems the whole Trump/Russia saga around the election was a cover up for pizza gate. Very fucked up.

      1. Reply
        mediawhores says:

        can still see a lot of christians out there singing his praises and saying he will save everybody
        the internet remains fairly open which bodes well in our view.
        Jared Kushner and those ‘lads’ hold the keys as far as we can tell – and they seem to be allowing the flow.
        there is something in that.
        like the have a set of rules they are following
        essentially to open the gates of hell – and cleanse the earth it would seem…..but seems to be some rules at play whole they do it

  2. Reply
    Cindy says:

    A quick comment on the business of cannibalism and the United Nations last Summit. That the opening prayers to set the stage for that summit were to the God of Cannibalism and child sacrifice. It was dressed up to look like something else of course, as explained by the USA journalist Alex Newman.

    Which is the New World Order religion, as a massive downloading of Satanism and child cannibalism, via an elite hierarchical power control structure with an ongoing global expansionist agenda. Disguised as for the public good.

    Using as its warhorse the political correctness view that enables homosexuality as normal and infests further bizarre stuff which means that people become enslaved into a system that sucks them financially dry and uses them as breeding stock to obtain their drug of choice which is other people’s children. Quite a sobering thought once the details come to be understood, disguised as feminism also. With a violent form of feminism at the secret centre of freemasonry, allegedly referred to as the cult of Venus.

    Anyway the “feminism” effect of endless cannibalism is shown in the New Guinea highlands, where women are worth 3 pigs. And where pigs are held to be sacred. The women are worth 3 pigs because they can suckle a human child on one tit, and suckle a piglet on the other tit. By the time their pig sucking tits have dried up and they are ready for being barbequed, they can have fattened at least 3 pigs. So they are worth that much to the cannibals to keep. Obviously they are pretty rough females in no way reminiscent of the female types and female values that have developed in western society over the past 1000’s of years. Worshipping cannibalism as the political elite are involved in, is the most violent form of female abuse known, when observed from this viewpoint. Yet it is disguised as female empowerment. How even the thickest of females can understand that empowering homosexuality and sodomy will empower feminity and the graces of feminity is well beyond logic.

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