Is the Arrival of the ‘Jewish’ Messiah Imminent?


Featured Image – JC was apparently another of these redheads. And a smoker. Rev 22:2


Well….all has been revealed.

We can all clearly see that the Jews are shape shifters, and they are now all shuffling around on their feet, feeling a bit awkward about the situation.

So the senior Jewish rabbis have sent out a command that all Jews start returning to Israel, as they do every 2000 years or so presumably, as they all become exposed in the new light.

Check flights to Israel from Auckland if in any doubt….hundreds of them. Jacinda / Peter Thiel has probably already gone and is Tweeting fake baby pics from a new luxury apartment on the Golan Heights….with ocean views.

What the Jews really need now is a distraction on a Biblical scale, to help change the narrative and cover up the whole shape shifting thing again. Give the World something else to discuss for the next few hundred years. As they no doubt do every 2160 years or so, at this stage of the cycle and change in the season of the Sun.

The arrival of the prophesized Messiah.

Media Whores has of course considered the role ourselves and no doubt the Jews have had a pretty good look at us also (in fact gang stalking us everywhere we go) but lets face it, it is hardly the dream job………

Presumably the corrupt NZ judiciary would haul you in on some kind of trumped up legal technicality such as digital harm – like exposing shape shifters on line – or perhaps breach of copyright law , then put a black bag over your head and extradite you to the Promised Land to stand trial at the Rothschild masonic supreme court. This is where you would tell all the rabbis to go fuck themselves, which would be painted up as “Turning the tables on the money lenders” no doubt, before being further arrested and then eventually nailed to a cross in a near by town square, while surrounded by a crowd of shape shifting snakes all singing your praises and full legal name.

Fuck that for a day at work.

Actually what’s the bet that Brendon O’Connell would show up in the holding cell next to you, having been arrested on more antisemitism charges, but then gets miraculously released at the last minute after a staged democratic vote by the throngs of Jewish snakes outside the jail house? Or even worse, Mike Bayley, in there for more real estate related fraud.

Then the more senior judges probably all take turns copulating with your dead corpse for a few days in some kind of occult Kabbalistic ritual, before releasing a Rupert Murdoch global media statement claiming that someone witnessed you ‘rising again’, at which point the Jewish leaders of the Islamic faith all claim you were their prophet, while the Jewish leaders of the Christians all insist you were theirs, with the net result of the Jews successfully kicking off another 2000 odd years of division and thus global (anal) domination/ A.D, but this time cleverly managed via little black cube iPhones and computers as opposed to the previous Iron Age of little black cube paper print Bibles.

And with every Jew owning  “2,800 slaves”.

Gotta hand it to the bastards really. Got it all figured out, and always planning well in advance.

But on the off chance they haven’t managed to find anyone more qualified, not least someone slightly more politically correct, Media Whores would like to stress the following points….for the public record…..

  1. Anyone who knows or has met us knows we smoke. Like a train. Hardly the ideal role model.
  2. You would have 101+ bar fight allegations from various countries around the World that you would need to cover up and explain away. You can hardly have the Lamb coming out and saying “Hey, I had a punch up with that dude one night”. Like seriously?
  3. Like wise for the one night stands to be frank. 101 would be a fairly modest figure, as you are no doubt aware. Admittedly we have grown up a bit in recent years, but rest assured there will even be some photo evidence lingering around in some corners of the flat Earth, and you would struggle to play all allegations down. Even a small handful of Eves claiming to have fkd the Son of God would compromise your narrative substantially.
  4. The 2-3 day party binges in the earlier years? Ok, and admittedly the odd one since. Untold witnesses and a trail of destruction a mile wide. Just going to wipe it all from the Book are we now?
  5. ‘The Shroud of Turin’ – on the presumption that you have been going through our trash for the past few years, you have probably got us on that one. DNA evidence on a cloth or tissue of some sort. We are indeed only human. But don’t let them tell you it is the face of God you are looking at folks…..try not to look too closely. And keep an eye out for any similar looking Hollywood stars in the years to come. The bastards.
  6. Yes we have been quoting the Bible quite a lot, but let the record show that we have never actually read the bloody thing – just googling quotes we have come across – and have been at pains to point out that none of it is literal and is all based on astrology. How you going to paint that one up?

Media Whores is nobody’s fucking Messiah.

That should do the trick.

Sorry folks, just a slight anxiety attack when Youtube served up the video below tonight and told us it was “Recommended for You”……. “Israeli Rabbi says Arrival of the Messiah Imminent”

Don’t trust these bastards one little bit – and they have written all those extradition laws into their fake war of terror legislation. They can haul any sorry ass bastard out from the relative safety of their homeland these days and drag them off to Isra-hell. And we can all see quite clearly now how they control the narrative and rewrite history. Whomever these snakes choose as their ‘Messiah’ will not stand a chance.

Unless of course they are talking about the arrival of the 666 anti Christ? Born on June 21st by any chance? To a redhead ‘woman’ named ‘Mary’?? Wouldn’t rule that out either. That is the one who will go on to become the New World Order Caesar, and command the 10% from all the new churches erected in the late human Messiah’s name…..His-story on repeat.

Public Holy Day Poetry – Mary had a Little Snake

“How about this one from Down Under Sir? He has given up the booze and has been quoting the Bible a bit recently……..There have been a few issues, but nothing we can’t manage”

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