Jason Kerrison Magically Shape Shifts Out of Jacinda Ardern Baby Hoax Story


Featured Image – Jason Kerrison of Opshop fame NZ – putting on his gangster Maori look. Actually a Roman Catholic from St Bedes Christchurch. Another redhead one at that. Well, part redhead of course…its in the freckles. 


Somebody pointed out in the comments yesterday that the Herald was ‘acting funny’ with it’s story about the Jacinda Ardern baby hoax – probably the worst kept secret in NZ politrix, that Jacinda Ardern is actually shape shifter and blood drinker Peter Thiel who is faking his pregnancy, as so many of these shape shifting snakes do….

Public Holy Day Poetry – Mary had a Little Snake

Apparently the Herald had removed some video content and images about the birth hoax, then replaced them later in the day.

Media Whores went back last night to watch that video we posted of theirs again and was surprised to see that by the end of the day, the Herald had removed the video we had taken screen shots of and replaced it with another slightly edited video in which there was no Jason Kerrison. Very strange.


And so we did a search for “Jason Kerrison” news in the past 24 hours and found this video from The Hits FM that Kerrison apparently did the same day/ a few hours later…..on a “conspiracy theory” no less. Which of course means that anyone searching for Jason Kerrison or ‘Jason Kerrison conspiracy’ yesterday would have found this article instead….and not the Herald interview on Jacinda.

Man these snakes move fast!

And they run our entire fake reality…..


And Jason Kerrison shape shifting in the Herald interview from a few hours earlier,  that was later removed….

Also noticed that Jason Kerrison looks a lot like Dr Lance O’Sullivan doesn’t he?

Or maybe that is why the interview was removed – perhaps it was actually Dr Lance O’Sullivan being interviewed and Media Whores accidentally blew his cover? We had the volume off and was just flicking through as we grabbed screen shots – never saw the name.

Oddly enough, Jason Kerrison has returned to Auckland from Kaitaia recently to try and restart his band Opshop, and Dr Lance O’Sullivan has also just returned to Auckland from Kaitaia after being chased out of the town for vaccinating local children and babies…….isn’t that odd? Both men showed up in Kaitaia around the same time also. Both have arrived in Auckland at the same time.


Maybe Kerrison / kerosene just forgot which role he was playing now he is back in Auckland? Must be stressful playing multiple roles, and vaccinating all of those children at the same time. No matter how fast you can shape shift. If this is the case of course.

Notice also how both men sometimes seem to have rather wide faces, and sometimes slim? Its called shape shifting……

Images fair use – public commentary/ public safety. 




The make up is the cover story folks……they are shape shifting snakes….

They are not lizards David – they are snakes…..check your scripture…

Richard Branson – another shape shifting redhead…..

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8 thoughts on “Jason Kerrison Magically Shape Shifts Out of Jacinda Ardern Baby Hoax Story”

  1. Reply
    llloyd says:

    Still no image I can find of new baby’s grandparents. Nothing on Chinese news nor on any other global news network I can find. I had thought the world would go gaga. You know, the Prime Minister of English speaking socialist democracy has baby. One more image of baby in Instagram, wrapped up like a mummy.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      i suspect they have crunched the data – not least our readership numbers – and figured out everyone knows its a hoax – and jacinda is a dude 🙂
      so they are just playing it quiet

  2. Reply
    Cindy says:

    Here is a bit of stuff that you may not be fully up to play with yet. Nice hospital bed shot of Jack boot cinders.

    Hi G,
    Here’s a bit more design stuff and cartoon stuff for hopefully a computer game to go eventually international, to have multinationals helping kiwi bring the forest back to life. The cuddly toy and cuddly cute purse design stuff is difficult due to the beak of the … but there are some designs with a smaller beak that make it more like the duckling type of cuteness. God of cuteness is very much an Asian marketplace preference.
    My friends reckon that it is the glycphosphates used in weed control that destroy the underlying biomass in the forest floor and remove the entire forest foundation from the roots of the trees.
    Also important to get the “inspiration” started early and to cross a variety of borders, be it mind, religion, culture, race etc. So as to improve or empower each of those version of perception and identity crisis. Or to that effect. The only real agenda is in depth marketing penetration and marketing stabilisation and the fact is that the nature of the human spirit is that it follows money. Simply as a marketing penetration device.

    There are a few things much better than a trust. One is a corporation sole, and the other “newish” one is a Natural Law Trust. This stuff is found connected to “veterans today” based in the USA, who have no love for the financial thievery and debt slavery that is going on, irregardless of criminal intent to the human tribe. So their stuff can be pretty well trusted most of the time. Although with discrimination a couple of odd agenda issues do appear to be present. To save you the effort and so that I have it on file, I will detail the Natural Law Trust stuff, as it is presented, not as I have any other idea of how it works, other than it is legal and fits the bill and the charge out rate to make one is some $2500 USD. By Norman Pool on Youtube. One’s current business can be phased into it etc and it appears bank accounts can be set up to run it.

    I have some interest in learning how to construct them for others at a price that can help run an office.
    Best asset protection instruments is the house of freedom natural law trust.
    “infinite flexibility and can be adapted to any ethical, lawful and noble purpose”.
    “can be operated in all countries, anywhere in the world”.
    “pure natural law sovereign irrevocable trusts enjoy exemption from filing income tax returns or paying income tax”

    1 Trustees
    2 Creators (maybe the word is creditors)
    3 Beneficiaries
    4 Managers

    CAN DO:
    1 Assets protected from litigation
    2 Protection from creditors
    3 Protection from liability suits
    4 Protection from malpractice suits
    5 Protection from employees
    6 Protection from personal bankruptcy
    7 Protection from excessive divorce settlements
    8 Avoids probate
    9 Avoids inheritance tax
    10 Avoids estate taxes
    11 Avoids Court action
    12 Eliminates attorney fees
    13 Eliminates / reduces accountants fees
    14 Eliminates executors fees
    15 Eliminates income taxes
    16 Frees tax dollars for capital appreciation
    17 Provides complete control over your assets through trustees
    18 No public record
    19 Ownership and title can be transferred to heirs in complete secrecy
    20 Trust is perpetual
    21 Heirs cannot change, challenge or contest any wishes at your death

    Because Natural Law goes everywhere. It is not publically recorded anywhere. You can keep it private. Therefore it is not domiciled in any particular sate or province. This superior type of pure natural law sovereign irrevocable trust is not only tax exempt, but also has no tax filing requirements.
    Everything that one did in ones own name, or name of statutory tax reporting entity, one can do in the name of the pure trust at least or the trust entity. It can hold bank accounts, it can hold real estate, and it can protect just about any asset.
    It can pay all of the bills of trustees and beneficiaries.
    Not understood by attorneys because it is not taught in law school.
    THIS TYPE OF TRUST can be a foundation….to receive grants or make grants.
    It can be a business. It can be a scientific institute. It can be a religious or spiritual organisation, it can be a holding company, it can be a family estate planning instrument, it can be a personal vehicle for commerce, and it can be a tax shelter. It is infinitely flexible. It can nbe modified or adapted to suit any noble purpose…..anything that is life supporting, ethical and lawful.

    Two types of law.
    Natural law and statutory law.
    Natural law is generally more attuned to to common law and universal law. It has been around a whole lot more longer and hence the word “natural”.

    Statutory Law is based on LLC’s and corporations, is legislated by politicians and changes from time to time. And very complex. Too often statutory law is engineered to benefit the few at the expense of the many.
    The Government has no authority to disallow it. As “a natural law trust”, US Supreme Court, Hale vs Henkle 1905. One of the most quoted court cases in history.
    The natural law trust can be 98% owner of the LLC.
    The House of Freedom trust.

    SOLE CORPORATIONS are similar to natural law trusts (1) tax exempt (2) no filing requirements.
    Mark Passion. Natural law seminar. YouTube.

    Mark Passion. How the Annunaki created humans as slaves.
    Mark Passion. New seminar on Satanism and the dark occult.

    Jordan Peterson. Calmly dismantles feminism in front of two feminists as “a detestable ideology” “men to morally reclaim their rights”.
    Major USA Court cases over this matter taking place with damages made to the men claimants being very considerable.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      hiya cheers
      sole trader seems to work also.
      open an account as “trading as” and trade off your soul – but never sell it!
      free to open up
      at the end of the day, the natural law is that we actually own nothing. not on this plane. only our souls.
      that is actually the somewhat dissappinting answer that everyone is searching for. at first at least.
      Maori had that right. as did all other indi-genius and original peoples

  3. Reply
    llloyd says:

    I showed the N Z Herald photograph of the heralded baby to my Chinese boss in China yesterday. She has no bone in this and didn’t recognise Jacinda nor anyone else. She has also been a biological mother. I said to her, ” How old do you think the baby is?” She looked closely and said in English, “Several weeks old”. She did not think for a moment this well formed clean content nil wrinkled baby could be at most a few hours old. In soap operas and movies, just born babies appear just like baby Ardern. Where did this baby come from?

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      another good point yes
      some say they are hatching them in purpose built labs.
      or sealing them from poorer nations is another popular one
      huge market for it
      because so many trannies wanting kids these days

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