Talpiot Talk #12 – with the Shape Shifting Redheads & Persian Snake Brendon O’Connell






Nailed it 😉

Sorry it took us so long.


Talpiot Talk #12 – with the Shape Shifting Redheads & Persian Snake Brendon O’Connell…..arrested in Australia, but somehow got the entire thing on video, escaped via the airport with an arrest warrant out for him, jailed in NZ but no one could find his lawyer….and who never blinks. A fraud from start to finish. Well – some half truths of course. The Persian snakes behind the half breed shape shifting redheads.

“Adam Green” – give us a fkg break.

The Shape Shifting Alien Redheads…Conspiracy….erm, Theory

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5 thoughts on “Talpiot Talk #12 – with the Shape Shifting Redheads & Persian Snake Brendon O’Connell”

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    Rillydiculous says:

    Wishing no ill will on any man or woman but seriously……. didn’t we all get BOC’d LOL
    He’s a YUGE Margo Robbie fan (pork sword fights and shit), believes Hollywood is trying to send us “a genuine message”(ie eg Communism), hates white nationalists (but will talk with them if HE “HAS TO”. Anal Princesses can be wooed apparently?), thinks extremist muslims are misunderstood, laughs at gematria, is a Tony Abbott fan & thought Kevin Rudd really took Israel to task, thinks flat earth is preposterous, believes that focusing on anything but (tadpole) Talpiot is the way forward, hates NZ & Australia, “trained as an ORTHODOX RUSSIAN PRIEST”, thinks that Putin is a devout Christian, is broadcast on – VT, Makow, Nathanniel.
    Reckon i forgot a heap of BOC’isms but just free thinking. I hope BOC’s ok, whoever he is. I hope he’s not in too much pain.
    Good times boys. Keep up the momentum. Got Ur Back

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      mediawhores says:

      yeah total faggot
      my guess is a cross dresser also
      one comment once “he said we should meet up after the party” – while on the run from the law in a luxury penthouse iran apartment party

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    Sham says:

    Good shit man, absolutely nailing it big time. See Vinny Eastwood did another video dressed as his ‘wife’, you can even see sideburns on ‘her’ at the 2.50 mark.

  3. Another red head who doesn’t blink until after he finishes spouting verbal diarrhoea is Chris Hipkins. For mine, it’s a form of cognitive hypnosis so they believe the lies they spread.

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