Exclusive – Could Your Saturday Night Donor Kebab Contain Dog & Horse Meat & HEK293 Baby Fetus Additives?


Featured Image – Religion, child abuse and blood sacrifice rituals – always go hand in hand. Where there is one, you will always find the others. 

In another exclusive for Media Whores, the Nation’s leading online real news source. we take a look at allegations that some processed meats these days contain dog and horse meat as well as HEK293 aborted human fetus ‘proteins’.

There are claims that pretty much ALL processed meats these days contain the HEK293 aborted human fetus protein cells which are grown in a lab from aborted human babies, adding a rich flavour to the meats and also an addictive quality which keeps customers coming back for more, not least after a few beers on a Saturday night, and are tus highly profitable and hugely popular with cheap restaurant owners.

One big warning sign that your Saturday night donor kebab could contain the dog meat, horse meat or human abortion additives is that the kebab shop will not actually tell you what goes into the meat you are buying. Big warning sign.

And none of them do.

That information is not even available on their websites and Media Whores thinks it is safe to assume the worst of any food which is not properly labeled. Same goes for their chicken which looks like lumps of white meat, but there is no evidence it actually came from a bird.If it actually did, rest assured it will be pumped full of vaccines and antibiotics also, poisoning people and slowly turning them into freaks. Take a good look around you.

Media Whores understands that some dog kennels in NZ are also being looked into to find out where all of their missing dogs are going.

In all fairness, this also applies to your McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and other fast food aberrations. If they are not clearly lableing the ‘food’, it is safest to assume the worst.

And Media Whores is yet to hear back from the owners of Sals Pizza or Lonestar Restaurant chains to see if they are also adding the HEK aborted baby additives to their meats and salamis.

We promise to keep readers posted as always.

In the meantime, the best rule is to only ever eat food that is clearly labeled and contains no ‘natural flavours’ or other mysterious numbers and additives.

Media Whores also advises readers keep an eye on the symbols being used around them – such as religious symbols, Saturnian Black Cubes, pyramids, communist stars, and anything resembling a Pizza Gate symbol. Not that these are always conclusive evidence, but it cannot be ruled out that these are all be part of the same agenda to poison and destroy the Western World from within, until properly investigated…..

Bon Appepit.


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