The Mark Zuckerberg Laptop Camera Sticker Hoax



Saturnday is often dedicated to this evil little snake – Mark Zuckerberg – for some reason. Something to do with Saturn no doubt.

Folks – your PC, TV and smart phone LCD screen can see you perfectly, in full colour, all of the time. Just as you can see clear full colour images on it. No different. It is a two way mirror. And a black mirror at that.

Putting a sticker over your camera is a good idea and could help stop your average Masonic pedo from next door hacking you and spying on your kids – but rest assured the powers that pretend to be can see everything you do anyway. Every little facial expression and reaction, in full colour. The only real safe privacy action you can take is to switch the thing off completely, along with your new microwave, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, smart meter, and anything else with an LCD screen on it, then probably wrap them all up in tinfoil. Thus all of the jokes they made about tinfoil as they rolled out the technology. Hidden in plain sight.

Redhead Shape Shifter Mark Zuckerberg and his team of fellow shape shifting PR snakes staged this little hoax so that everyone would put a band-aid over the problem and go back to sleep. Same with everything else they do.

Here are the rules.

  1. NOTHING these shape shifters tell you is ever true – or completely true at least.
  2. EVERYTHING they do is carefully staged, right down to the nearest mega pixel of a sound and light frequency / dimension that we cannot even see.

Once this sinks in – human beings will have a crack at redefining their own reality – once again – as it is meant to be on this particular Plane.

Watch this shape shifting redhead flash a quick 666 at the start of the video…..

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