David Icke’s Biggest Secrets


Featured Hologram – Icke! Its a lizard! 


David Icke’s biggest secret/s

Well turns out there are a few of them to be honest.

One of the biggest was certainly that the Earth is flat. Or more specifically – a flat and quite bumpy plane encased within a dome surrounded by waters floating within a giant electromagnetic torus field. As described in the Jewish Torah oddly enough….and the Bible.

Icke fumbled his way through that revelation and did his best. Oddly enough around the same time that his hologram started to break down. He produced a 2 hour long cover up talk on the issue knowing nobody in their right (or left) mind would ever actually listen to it.

His most staunch supporters held onto their hats……..and bras…..

(David Icke flat Earth cover up – Mustn’t watch!)

Then it was revealed that Icke was actually shape shifter and serial sex addict Richard Branson.

No comment yet on that one yet….and unlikely to be

Then people started to notice that these giant shape shifting scary lizards were really just slithering little snakes – as also described in the Bible. Icke’s primary objective is to never mention scripture, as it has all of the answers hidden in it….thus this has also remained another of Icke’s biggest secrets.


Icke’s biggest secret though really – and the last thing this shape shifting snake will ever tell you – is that if human beings ever want to be free from the matrix – they will have to let everything else go free also. Which is pretty elementary really. If humans do not want to be farmed – they will have to stop farming. Oddly enough, that is how shit works down /up here…….and probably everywhere else for that matter – or that has matter…….and thus matters.( Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Check out these two buckteeth shape shifters……..maybe take a day off from the cow sacrifice and go see a dentist sweetheart….and take your father with you.

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