Its a Girl! …..or so they claim….


Featured Image – so called Jacinda Ardern (actually shape shifting demon Peter Thiel) and his transgendered shape shifting boyfriend Clark ‘Gayford’/ Gaylord, display what they claim to be a new born girl….of their own.


You know – probably the most evil part about what these lying, thieving, demented, dishonest, sick, subterranean satanist freaks have done here – without knowing where they got the actual child from – is the fact that they have sold the idea to human women both in New Zealand and around the World that you can get pregnant, remain in full time work up until the due date, in fact while running an entire Country, never have morning sickness, never take a  day off, never put on any weight, look exactly the same as you did days before the actual birth, and then smile for the cameras holding a perfectly healthy 3-4 week old child in your arms.

And yes, that is a 3-4 week old child they are holding. According to the experts. They have covered up the hair to better hide that fact also.

And rest assured if it is actually a boy, they will be planning to transgender it into a girl, and vice versa.

Note also they are careful not to show the whole face of the child – possibly in case anyone recognizes it and demands the child back.

These sick demented shape shifting transvestite freaks have sold the idea to young women that having a baby is a breeze, while holding down a top level corporate management position right up until the last minute, when the truth is you would probably kill yourself and/or your child if you tried to take on both.

It is all part of the anti human agenda that these inhuman freaks continually play out around us and on the public – backed up by all of the other corporations in the system.

It is all in that word folks – Corporation. From the Latin Corpus. Dead with no soul.

These subterranean freaks want to drag as many human souls down into hell with them as they can.

And therein lies your solution. You are not a corporation, you are a living being. Do not sell your soul to these freaks and their satanic corporate glow-ball-shit-eL-i$t agenda.

Luckily it seems the story was largely ignored, with the NZ mainstream media changing their narrative a few times, even deleting some coverage and then only about 90-100 Tweets and replies as far as we can tell, slightly less than one for every NZ MP.

Encouraging to see Kiwis learning to ignore their satanist crap and hoaxes.

Although we will all no doubt have to put up with Murdoch (another Satanist Transvestite) newspaper and magazine covers for the next month or so, as they try to drill the message in.

Images fair use / www.wikipedia


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4 thoughts on “Its a Girl! …..or so they claim….”

  1. Reply
    llloyd says:

    Where do those pox marks and scratch on Jacinda’s neck and face come from? I am reminded of book and movie, Rosemary’s baby?

  2. Reply
    Cameron says:

    What I want to know is why the hell would someone with a limousine, bodyguards, 470K salary and a $1.8 mil home stay in Auckland Hospital?

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