[Bump] New Zealand Chief Justice Sian Elias Accused of Ordering the Murders of Kiwi Authors & Journalists


Featured Image – New Zealand’s Zionist shadow Government – the wolves in sheep’s clothing  who it has been alleged run the mafia in NZ. Contract killings, child sex trafficking, and the meth and heroin trades. A fish rots from the head down. Chief ‘Just Us’ Sian Elias is pictured behind Zionist kiddie fiddler and war criminal John Key. Rest assured it will be this monster, Sian Elias that starts ordering assassinations of political figures in New Zealand if they start to feel they are losing control of their ‘operation’. And they are masters at covering it all up, with the help of their local Sayanim spy network  and corrupt Freemason police and coroners. 


Sign the Petition to have Chief Justice Sian Elias arrested and charged with treason, murder and attempted murder.


Why does the NZ oath of allegiance for judges and MP’s NOT refer to the “the laws of New Zealand”? Because it is Talmudic Law that this gang are enforcing.  And these people clearly have no respect for any God we are aware of.  This oath has to be changed.

18 Judicial oath
The oath in this Act referred to as the judicial oath shall be in the form following, that is to say:
I, [specify], swear that I will well and truly serve Her [or His] Majesty [specify as above], Her [or His] heirs and successors, according to law, in the office of [specify]; and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of New Zealand, without fear or favour, affection or ill will. So help me God.

All of the corruption we see in New Zealand these days – and it has become near Soviet levels – can be traced back and the blame laid squarely at the feet of the NZ judiciary and NZ’s top judge/ chief justice, Sian Elias, according to allegations made by NZ author Greg Hallett. Sian Elias runs the mafia in this country it is claimed.

Could she be the head of the Marxist snake that is destroying New Zealand from within?


Russian KGB agent and Jew, Vladimir Putin in New Zealand in the 80’s as the Judeo Soviet Russian mafia started its infiltration of our Nation under the guise of ‘liberalism’. 

Ask yourself – when a journalist or author makes allegations like this and then has numerous attempts on his life, then has to flee the nation for safety overseas, does that not prove his allegations correct? No trial, no investigation into his claims – they just try to murder him and chase him out of his own land.

NZ author Greg Hallett has alleged that the NZ judiciary is a mafia organization that carries out contract killings, child sex trafficking, heroin and meth trafficking and also bribes and controls the entire NZ democratic system via a network of “compromised” MP’s.

Specifically, Hallett has alleged that chief justice Sian Elias is Israeli Mossad’s top Sayanim spy in New Zealand and that she ordered the assassination of NZ historian Michael King, then ordered the assassination of Greg Hallett for writing about it in his books – still available on Amazon .Not to mention allegations she is married to a serial sex offender.

Obviously we can’t confirm all of this but we do agree the man had a right to a fair hearing in the least. And hands up who thinks the NZ judiciary has been doing a good job in the past 30 years?


Parasitic : Sian Elias with “cousins” Nathan Guy and John Key. 

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