Breaking – “6” Dead in Waverley Car Crash – Worst in “13” Years


Featured Image –  “How come you and daddy don’t look like me Mummy?” Shhhh….God works in mysterious ways….. come to Jesus sweet heart. Jesus and your Stepfather love you, even though your real Dad has been safely put in jail by the family court….where he belongs. You will be safe with us, and our Church. Image -Jewish owned and controlled Newshub, XXX/ 666…NZ’s ISIS domestic terrorism franchise. A Give a Little Page has been set up….

In not so breaking news today, 6 people have been violently killed in another horror mid winter bloody car crash child massacre…..from Hell……in Waverley, Taranaki.

Media Whores is seeking comment from the previous Minister of Transport and Jewish shape shifting transgender, Simon Bridges…

Media Whores was a bit late reporting on this one sorry folks, as we had pretty much ignored it until we heard the local fire station chief on Newshub LAUGHING on air about having been up all night. No doubt a big night out after weeks of careful preparations.

Opps….hang on, it is now 7 dead. The magic masonic number

This is NZ’s worst car crash in 13 YEARS.

As readers will no doubt be aware – there is a new ‘horror record breaking violent bloody child car massacre’….from Hell…. every few months…and not least in Mid Winter. But this one was surely hands down the very worst. From hell.

Mary Jane Tomasi from XXX/666 Jewish Media Works – also known as ISIS in New Zealand is said to have been nominated for an Oscar for her efforts on this one….

Oddly enough, they always seem to be Church families and pastors involved in these crashes ..The last winter super mega horror car crash child blood massacre was only 5 dead, but also new age Jewish church families. As we all well know, God works in mysterious ways…….and just loves a good old fashion Christian car media blood massacre around Winter Solstice…….

“The worst fatal crash in New Zealand’s history was recorded in 1963, when 15 people were killed in a bus crash in Northland.”

1963….the 6 is 9…we are in the sign of Cancer, 3×6/ 6666 etc

15 = 1+5=6

“In 1995, eight people died in a house bus crash in Hawke’s Bay. In 2005, nine people died in a collision between a tourist van and a truck in Matamata-Piako.”

1995= 1+9+9+5=24=6

2005= magic number 7

“Yesterday’s crash brings the number of people who have died on New Zealand roads this year to 193, up from 184 at the same point last year.”

193, the 6  is 9/ Cancer 6×3/ 666

184= 1+8+4 = 13…again

Media Whores can also confirm from looking at the pictures, that there was no carnage on the road by the time the news cameras arrived, presumably because the victims were thoughtful enough to clean it all up before they died. True Christians…… Unless of course the Newshub team were already there?

The victims were luckily also kept at the scene in the back of the ‘rescue’ helicopters until the media airplane arrived to take some footage. Or was it a media helicopter? Either way, this is indisputable proof that the accident happened.

The family and the stepfather were also part of a Jewish owned and controlled new age church, as is so often the case with these horrific car crashes and the young girl was baptized for Jesus before passing away.

A Give a Little page has of course been set up, as is always the case with these mass road killings, and Kiwis are being asked to give until they are bleeding also  – its what Jesus would have wanted.

On the positive side, it has been a very slow few days in the news and something like this was perfectly timed to help Kiwis feel miserable as Hell in mid winter.

Readers are advised to keep paying their taxes and not complain too much in the days and weeks to come. And maybe do some more shopping with our sponsors who have the following short messages……….

Please also avoid all conspiracy theories. And worship the Holocaust. And be as miserable as possible, as we are all starved, frozen and poisoned to death, by Jewish rich listers and politicians.

Remember – Jesus died on the Cross for your Sins, which you were born into when the Jews stole your name on your Birth Certificate. Its a legally binding contract and we have your parents’ signatures as evidence should we need it.

This message was not bought to you by Jewish owned Hell’s Pizza…or Jewish owned Hellers tortured blood sacrifice animal products…..but we did hear from another police ‘man’ with no voice box…..who must be a white man because his name is David (King David/ Saturn) ‘White’…….

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