Martyn Bradbury on the Jewish Masonic Satanist Pedophile Ring Allegations…


Featured Image – beady eyed Martyn Bradbury, another Jewish ‘leader’ of another ‘opposition’, who never quite manage to achieve anything….but always seem to grow wealthy and attend all of the best function while doing so. They are called Communists folks. Jewish supremacist communists. And they are satanic poison in our Nation. A bunch of sick inbred psychotic parasitic saturn worshipers. 


Martyn Bradbury on the Jewish Masonic Satanist Pedophile Ring Allegations……

Not a peep

Do the math……and protect your kids from these Satan worhiping freaks…

Was reminded of this fruitloop today when we noticed another beady eyed Sayanim that looked very similar come running out of a cafe glued to his iPhone hoping to catch a glimpse of us as we drove by. The creepy satanic cunts track us everywhere we go.

Editor of The Daily Blog – more fake left right Jew bullshit. Another Jew elite talkfest, while they all conspire to cover up their own endless pedophilia……

“The trick to catching them is the drugs they use. The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed.

International Jewish Pedophilia Day #IJPD

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6 thoughts on “Martyn Bradbury on the Jewish Masonic Satanist Pedophile Ring Allegations…”

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      ‘he’ is probably a few hundred years old bro
      they all drink childrens blood as far as i can tell

      1. Reply
        Sham says:

        Yeah man, if not thousands. Vampire blood suckers scared of the light who don’t die, just shape shift to another on screen character. Vlad the Impaler is probably alive and well under a different name. Id hate to think what goes on behind closed doors after a full moon with these freaks.

        Would hate to know what goes on behind closed doors with them in general.

        When they’re on screen you can almost tell who’s had a recent transfusion and who hasn’t, they look paler and tend to shift more. We stop giving them our blood/plasma/life force – they go hungry and die.

        Blood Plasma is their Gold – Literally.

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          “what we do in the shadows” – that half breed jew snake nz movie producer. in plain sight

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