Ginger Jews & their Monotheistic Religions of Pedophile Satanism


Featured image – a shape shifting ginger Jew from Israel. Israel is an ancient Phoenician word meaning Saturn. The Jews speak ancient Phoenician, there is no Hebrew language. The black rimmed hat symbolizes the rings of Saturn, the black robes represent Saturn, just like the Judges and black suited pedophile lawyers/ liars from the Bar Association…bar is rabbi backwards. The so called Synagogue of Saturn. Most lawyers and judges (and doctors and MP’s) are satanic/ Saturn worshiping Jews. It is their job to rape your children, murder you and steal your money, as clearly laid out in the Jewish / Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. This entire pizza planet is run by pedophile satanist Ginger Jews….with shape shifting Persian elite snakes behind them. House of Fernese, Orcini etc…names and faces you will never see. The Pharaohs of Babylon. 


We found some more work from that dude with the birds chirping in the background. He featured in that Israel is Saturn video by Trample on Snakes 6. Been looking for him a long time now. He used to do a lot of stuff on Youtube and then sort of went quiet…and can’t blame him

It is the same knowledge as the Santos Bonacci stuff – although Santos has remained quiet on the redhead Jews part. It would be interesting to know if his mother or father are such).

There is only one truth/ true knowledge. Everything else is fake bullshit to keep you dumbed down, so the elite Persians and their half breed Ginger Jew administrators can continue to harvest your energy and soul, and rape your children. They feed you Nasa, pulled pork, food additives and sodium fluoride instead…so they can keep taxing and sodomising you and your children.

Most people beg to be sodomised. They prefer that over being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, or not having a new car and pointy fashionable leather shoes. They bend over each week and beg for it. And the elite Ginger Jews and their various faggot masonic agents across Government, business, media and religion give it to them.

A lot of this stuff we have explained before also….

To sign is to sin. Using your full legal name. That sets time in motion.

The bank co-signs.

These are terms of physics. Sine wave and Co sine wave.

Together the two waves make up the snake. In the Garden of Eden. And what we refer to as Time.

Time is Cronus is Saturn is Satan is the Crown. Thus why the Government always date stamps everything…and insissts on your full legal name and signature. The Crown is run by pedophile Jewish / Persian snakes. As is the Vatican. And all of the half truth Jewish religions…Christianity, Islam and Judaism. All of it is Saturn worship..eL…the Lord…Allah etc. God of the material World…Saturn…the black cube….666….The Jewish Kabbalah. Not the Creator……who is timeless….and nameless.

People who worship Saturn are worshiping death. Its a death cult they are trapped in. Born in Time and Die in Time. From the womb to the Tomb. Same as anyone who signs a mortgage or uses their legal name….or uses black cube cellphones and laptops to be fair. Death is the wages of Sin/ signing….and thus worshiping the Sine wave…Time/ Saturn. This is called selling your soul …as opposed to living in the now….like the birds do. Birds are more evolved than mankind.

This applies to all of us really – but the really sick thing is how these Ginger Jews hide all of this knowledge from us- and instead teach us bullshit, and feed us bullshit…so that they can continue to rape, plunder and abuse everybody. The sick Satanic cnuts. They are a bunch of Satan worshiping serial pedos…….and our Government and media and large corporations are all run by them…….

Ginger Jews

Note there is a mix of the original infected redhead bloodline and the persian snake DNA here, as well as more recent interbreeding with other tribes…..but one thing they all have common is the shape shifting……and their homosexual pedophilia  cover ups and lies….

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