The Jews are Beady Eyed Shape Shifting Thieving Snakes…


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Continuing on with our gallant, although slightly underfunded efforts to report the truth……

Media Whores went back over some of those videos we posted recently featuring Jews from overseas and did some shape shifting analysis.

Sure enough – they were all shape shifters

Most of them are also these Ginger Jews

It seems clear to us that the old Biblical story of Eve (although possibly Adam) slept with a shape shifting Persian snake at some stage and produced this blood line of snake DNA infected redheads….who rule over us today. Think Trump, Prince Harry, Fergie, Charles, Jacinda Ardern, Helen Clarke, Julie Bishop and on and on.

They rule over us because they have all of the knowledge. The science of light which dictates how everything works down here. Evidenced in their slow release of new technology throughout each cycle – always used to enslave us and not free us. They burned the library of Alexandria back in the day just as they are using Google to censor the internet today. They hide knowledge from us so they can use it against us all….then rule on top – like self righteous / chosen by God psychopaths and pedophiles…..

Half breed ginger Jew snakes rule the Western World, on behalf of their Persian overlords. Which wouldn’t be an issue if they weren’t always stealing everything, lying to us all of the time…and always covering up their endless pedophilia.

The problem we have is that these half breed shape shifting Jew snakes have no respect for any races other than themselves, be they white, native, ethnic etc. They only look after themselves. They are racists on a Biblical scale.Its one big old club of psychotic pedophile snakes…..and luckily for you…you ain’t in it.

And thus why they invest so much time and effort telling everyone else not to be “racist”. Specifically ‘anti semitic’. So these snakes can rule over everybody.

This is the only conspiracy. And it ain’t a theory.

Every time these shape shifting pedophile snakes are called out and beaten back with a stick – the rest of humanity enjoys vast periods of peace and prosperity.


Every time a deceiving half breed Jew or Persian snake tries to pass off their lies and bullshit to you – put them in their place.

This is all there is to know about World ‘politics’……and economics……they steal off the rest of us and then everything else is a cover up operation…..Fake religions, fake Moon landings, fake NASA, staged terrorism, fake war of terror, fake Jew politicians, fake democracies, fake climate change taxes, Fukashima, man made earthquakes, chemtrails, all of the medical hoaxes and suppressed cures, bird flu, Zikka, oil crisis that never happen, constant end of World scare stories, the homosexual agenda, the pedophilia agenda, financial collapses, fluoride in the water, the poisons in all of the food …and on and on and on. Redhead Ginger Jew criminals …and their Persian snake inlaws and overlords………They laugh at all other races and breeds, who can’t even figure out that they live on a flat Earth and not a round ball floating through space. Then steal from us, and rape our children.

What you are looking at below is a mix of redhead and Persian / brown Jews – now mixed with all of the various other tribes…..and all of whom have various amounts of the snake shape shifting DNA…..some have the more Persian look, some the ginger traits and some the traits of the ethnic races they have bred with…..but all of them are shape shifters and thus have some degree of the original snake DNA.  And they are thieves, liars and deceivers…..and usually sexual deviants.

Feel free to study it for yourselves. All you need is the pause button. They are all Jew/ half breed Persian snakes.

Images fair use / www.wikipedia

First up the Kardashians – the new Persian/ Jew shape shifting tranny snake queens of the USA

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