Communist NZ News Updates with Simon Dallow, Joseph Goebbels…& Roger Waters


Featured Image – Simon Dallow before he and his family fled the previous holy hoax, to come to New Zealand and create another one. And always stuffing their bank accounts along the way.


More never ending record profits for the communist/ capitalist Jewish elites – and more health and safety taxes and regulations for you.

And thats the news.

Notice how they cleverly trick everyone into thinking it would be tall bald angry white guys with hammers that did all the killing – when actually it was just creepy little beady eyed homosexual pedophile ‘liberal’ Jews, armed with iPhones and fake intellectual debate.

The closest NZ ever got was probably old Mark Lyons who far from being a racist Nazi was probably better described as a guy who just enjoyed a good night out, even if it meant supplying everybody else with one as well. And hardly a white supremacist army, although more than likely to be painted up as such in the new age digital Jewish history books (Wikipedia), once NZ has been completely destroyed and repopulated, again.

Very clever. Same strategy used over and over in history. The Jews will no doubt be painted up as ‘persecuted’ throughout the whole process also……

Admittedly a communist Bolshevik pedophile Jewish snake invasion is probably a little harder to deal with when you are a smack addict……or meth addict for that matter. Either way, Pink Floyd certainly wrote the sound track for it……

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