Did the Jews Sacrifice Nivek Madams in Waverley?


Media Whores was not making light of the possibility that people were killed in that Waverley car accident.

We used sarcasm to stress the point that it looked staged. They are always staging them.

The debris from a large and very serious high speed crash was all cleaned up before the bodies were even taken away. Which is BS.

Plus the TV cameras were all there also before the bodies were taken. It would have taken hours to get a camera team authorized and flown out to the middle of Taranaki to film aerial shots. Media Works was already there on scene.

And the fire chief laughing on air about a big night.

You can even see one emergency rescue man sharing a laugh with the cop standing there watching ‘bodies’ being loaded to be taken away.

One of the victims survived another big crash a year ago also. Or a failed staged one perhaps


And they are always from these new age masonic church families.


Doesn’t add up. Stinks to high heaven

If you were a father locked up in jail by NZ’s corrupt satanic judiciary while the same Jewish masonic gang that were supposed to be taking care of your child killed her in a car accident – you would be likely to start breaking down concrete walls.

Thus why these demonic satanists that run our Government and media have to always carefully cover things up.

Human beings are atomic. Only by keeping them asleep can you truly control them.

Personally – we hope it was a hoax and she is safe somewhere under a new I.D, but even that would be small comfort for a father.

Fk these people are evil. We only catch glimpses of just how evil they are…..they are literally Satanic….they worship the grim reaper/ death….and offer up sacrifices to him……constantly. They get high off it. They get their power from it  From dairy farming to pulled pork sandwiches and fast food outlets, to the hospitals, doctors and child abuse…all blood sacrifice to their God, Satan.

Media Works XXX = 666. Satans Jewish owned ‘program’ in New Zealand…..

Breaking – “6” Dead in Waverley Car Crash – Worst in “13” Years

Public Safety Message – Judge Raoul Neave & the Canterbury Children’s Theatre

The Shape Shifting Jews Stage 90% + of the Crime in our Communities


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