Sunday Scripture with Brian Tamaki – the Destiny of the Pedophile Satanic Snakes



Brian…you’re up

You filthy dirty thieving lying deceiving piece of low life satanic masonic scum.

You use the Lord’s name in vain.

Thou shalt not kill. And yet you go hunting and kill.

The herbs and seeds shall be meat for you. Yet you eat like a pig.

The Bible makes it clear the Earth is flat – yet you teach the Antichrist globe model to the flock that you steal from and deceive.

And do not store your wealth down here on Earth, but up in heaven. Clearly ignored that one also.

You are a liar, a hypocrite and a thief.

And a demoniacally possessed shape shifting snake apparently as well……..

Church of the Tamaki Anti Christ Half Ass Mafia Destiny (or whatever the fk it is called) cult members are encouraged to look up Bible verses on snakes – with fangs – because that is what is standing up there in front of you every Sunday. Satan himself in the flesh….deceiving the whole World, like all of these other Anti-Christ (Christian backwards/ in Hebrew) deceivers.

Enjoy the harvest Tamaki.



(The Youtube video went a bit fuzzy on us oddly enough, must be a particularly bad case of demonic infestation this one. Note Mark Sainsbury is one of them also – just very careful with that beard) 




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