Why it is ILLEGAL to Pay Income Taxes to IRD in New Zealand


Featured Image – the Inland Rothschild Department. The enforcement arm of the Rothschild Bank/ RB. Your income taxes go towards paying all of the interest on the $160 billion of fake counterfeit printed money John Key and his predecessors borrowed from Rothschild/ Orsini banks

Its very simple – it is illegal in NZ to fund terrorism.


911 was an inside job, staged by the Jews, as is the entire war of terror.

The NZ Government supports the war of terror. Thus they are financing terrorism

Thus it is illegal to pay income taxes to the NZ Government – a terrorist organization. Has been since 2011 by their own admission, and since they helped invade Afghanistan for opium in 2002 by rights.

Not to mention it is illegal to fund pedophilia. The NZ Government is essentially a pedophile ring, posing as leadership.

And funding either is certainly immoral to boot.

They are double dipping anyway. You pay 80 cents per liter on all of your fuel, that equates to thousands of dollars each week on every 20k stretch of road. The roads should be gold plated by now. Then car regos and warrant taxes on top of that. Diesel road user taxes,. and commercial vehicle taxes and registrations. The roads should be gold plated with landscaped gardens along the side and air-conditioning, if you do the math on it. That money is being stolen.

Then you have tobacco and alcohol taxes which should fund a hospital in every 3rd suburb by rights. That money is also being stolen and siphoned off overseas.

Gambling taxes on top of that. Rates, parking money, airport taxes and on and on and on. Kiwis are taxed up their proverbial assholes….while the shape shifting Jewish communist/ capitalist elites all remain tax free.

Then you have your GST which funds all of the schools and other mind control crap the Government does, with billions left over every year, if they simply stopped inventing new communist think tanks, reports, research and cover ups.

It is high time ALL income taxes were wiped.

Would it cover pensions?

Well the first thing you do is issue NZ Government bonds a compulsorily acquire the power companies back and run them at cost + 7% so that old people (and young) can afford to heat their homes. Then you remove all GST off raw/real foods.

If there was a shortfall, all the foreign corporate controlled government need do is actually start taxing the large global corporations that operate here tax free. Whatever their profits are, they all pay in equal offshore franchise license fees, leaving them all tax free year after year. The Jewish snakes that run our Government will never mention this of course, as they work for those same Jewish owned corporations….and most of them are pedophiles being bribed to boot – the only people who can really be trusted to never actually come up with a good idea.

Plus the Government could actually activate the NZ Treasury and print all of the money they need anyway – just as the offshore Global Rothschild banks do – it is no different. New Zealand is feeding a large portion of the world – rest assured they will still want our food, and tourism if we decide to become an independent and honorable Nation again.

Here is how it is done folks – you have a duty to stand up to filthy corrupt communist regimes…

To whom it may concern,

In regards the tax / IRD number XXXXXXXX

It has come to my attention that the NZ Government is both funding and supporting terrorism both here and overseas. 

As you will be aware, under the Anti‑Money Laundering and Counter‑Terrorism Financing Act 2011, it is illegal in this Nation to fund terrorists, terrorism and money laundering – not to mention your endless pedophilia. 

Please be informed that all further tax matters under the above mentioned number are therefore hereby in formal dispute until such time as the NZ Government ceases all support for the Jewish war of terror, both here and overseas, including the cessation of spying on all our digital communications and scanning us all with radiation at the airports. As well as an end to all financing of Jewish pedophilia and associated cover ups, not least your own post cabinet meeting after parties, and that new children’s playground you are planning to put in the parliament grounds. 

I would also suggest that all MP’s should also be investigated for pedophilia and drug tested on a daily basis before any further taxes are paid, and retain the right to further dispute and withhold my money until such time as they are. Starting with Jacinda Ardern…then the Education and Justice Ministers. 

Feel free to get in touch again once you have sorted your shit out. 

Yours in good faith

Citizen A

(Always sign any Government correspondence with V.C – which means Under Duress and thus never enforceable against you – and always use a common law name, eg, if your name is James Smith, use Jim S, or Jim Smith etc. Then put “Administrator for the Crown owned legal name (full legal name). You are NOT your legal name. You are NOT a slave.


The other easy way to deal with the issue is of course to simply stop using your full legal name in any of your business affairs. The Crown only has jurisdiction over your legal name, which they own, not you. If you operate as a sole trader under a common law name (not Mr or Misses), you are a freeman/ woman. Just stop putting the words “Tax Invoice” on your invoices – use “Invoice” instead, and leave off any tax and GST numbers. Nobody has the right to tell you you cannot trade, freely, on this planet. And certainly not a bunch of demented pedophiles in Wellington.

Private corporate Government works on consent and is 100% optional. They just don’t teach you that in the government run schools, quite obviously.






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