Lawful Disclaimer – Computers & the Internet are from Satan/ Saturn (ie, the Jews)


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‘No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!’ ~ Ralph Gleason


Saturn/ Satan is the ‘God’ referred to in all of the Jewish religions.

Generation, Operation, Dissolution. Or just plain old Gold, Oil and Drugs.

Also known as the Lord, Allah etc. eL. Saturn.

The Grime Reaper, the Destroyer of Worlds. The God of Time, which is Cronus, which is the Crown. Everything is born in Time and dies in Time. From the Womb to the Tomb.

The God of this World – the material World, made up of carbon 12, which has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. 666. Including you …the number of the ‘beast’.

Symbolized by the hexagon, hexagram (666) and also of course the Black Cube (3 dimensions and 6 sides, 666). we see these Jewish satanic symbols all around us…….

So whilst Media Whores has been at pains to point out to readers that the mainstream media and TV is evil (Television is ‘programming’ from Tel Aviv), the Government is evil (the Crown/ Cronus/ Time/ Satan), the corporations are evil (Corpse/ to kill/ soulless/ Satan), and the religions are all evil (re-legions, military operations for the Jews and eL)- which they all are of course, as they are all controlled by Saturn/ Satan and his Satan worshiping Jewish agents – it would be somewhat bias and /or short sighted not to stress the point that computers and the internet are also evil……and also from Saturn/ Satan.

You can easily see where all of this is going. Saturn destroys the old and clears the way for the new – the end of Government and media as we know it, replaced with little black cubes that we are all then totally reliant upon instead. But equally as evil….. all still from Saturn…and owned and controlled by the same satanic kiddie fiddling Jews. A much more efficient way to enslave the entire human race….and all run from Israel/ Saturn of course. As above, so below.

Part of that agenda has been to systematically destroy the old system of government and media as the new system was being introduced….namely by promoting perverts, sex offenders and drug addicts into all top positions of power…so the Lamb all flock to Google, Facebook and Youtube in search of solutions and answers…..until eventually they can’t even buy or sell without it.

And clearly not the first time they have tried it on…..all of this technology has been around before…..just wiped from the historical record like everything else…..except the history of the poor persecuted Jews.

“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…” Rev

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2 thoughts on “Lawful Disclaimer – Computers & the Internet are from Satan/ Saturn (ie, the Jews)”

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    Jack says:

    Not sure if you noticed the disgusting business of New Zealand “Cabinet” making statutory law that prevented autistic people from access to their International Human Rights, as per International political and human right Covenant. This being access to fundamental health care and the suchlike. With all sorts of other blockades set in place, just as ACC does, so as to massively reduce pay-outs and access to what is legally required to have access to.

    So New Zealand Cabinet made it statutory law, via their pet criminal tax payer funded lawyers, (at least 80% of whom are thought to be paedophile sodomist Zionist Nazi Satanists as per the USA experience), that these autistic and crippled people could not have access to “natural human rights”.
    Do you understand that. CABINET actually produced a “statutory law” that especially spelled out that these people were to have no access to legal remedy. THEN PUT INTO LAW BY THE WHOLE OF PARLIAMENT, with media shutting their mouths.

    Complaints were filed to the United Nations and when the United Nations asked the NZ Government to please explain this matter, the NZ Government lawyers’ and presumably Cabinet as well, since it was a matter of “cabinet criminality”, as per massive criminal breach of trust, simply refused to answer the question. TOTALLY IGNORE THE QUESTION.

    Which is one of the most common tricks used by the NZ Law Courts, which are simply criminal paedophile sodomist Satanist Nazi Zionist instruments that disguise themselves in New Zealand as Courts of Law. One of the most vicious is the Family Court because that is where they get to separate the children from the families, and begin to empower the paedophile sodomising process. Via a satanic “time warp” per the rocky horror transvestite show.

    This was especially noticed in the 1080 poison Court claim by Clyde Graff and others, including specialist scientific researchers, and educators of specialist scientific researchers, where the Court deliberately got rid of the evidence of Dr Peter Scanlan, simply by refusing to acknowledge that it had been presented. This evidence was that 1080 poison exhibited all the signs of an endocrine disruptor, acting at the energy powerhouse mitochondria level. Meaning that it was capable of teratogenic (embryo disruption and disfigurement) effects at parts per trillion. That his own patients suffered from still birth and embryonic malformation after aerial 1080 poison drops. ALSO that in fact 1080, developed as an insecticide, had been banned internationally due to its persistence in the soil. Evidence that was gotten rid of by the puppets for these paedophile sodomist Satanist Nazi Zionists, and swapped for new science that was so unstable as to not be capable of peer review. In fact so bad that the science used was classed by science experiment design specialists, as a failure even for first year science students. Meaning total scam material passed off as real science.

    Satanism is understood to get its rocks off at its higher more evil levels, such as the stuff of John Key and Nick Smith, especially by the slow tortured death of human beings (children)(native birds are the original children of the natural ancestral Whakapapa of New Zealand) of the most pure and pristine virginal levels. Which is the area where John Key and Nick Smith acted disguised as the “battle for our birds”, of 450,000 hectares of pristine, virginal bird filled territory, which included areas drenched in Kiwi call.

    Meaning they deliberately targeted the most virginal and pristine areas to deliberately poison to death huge numbers of NZ Kiwi, (the destruction of the symbol of National Sovereignty= new world order agenda), which is then followed up by a massive invasion of stoats and rats, to finish them off.

    More likely than not John Key and his puppet masters were targeting this mass poison of the NZ native birds, in the cruellest possible fashion, in order to get the “Teflon coat”, touch, from the God of Satanism. The God of child cannibalism and gang rape and torture of other people’s children.

    It is noted that for all Winston Peters “false words” of NZ First, “lead by controlling the opposition”, pretending 1080 opposition, the first thing that the new Government did was to go ahead with the mass poisoning by aerial 1080 of Molesworth station.

    No doubt, to say thank you, via the slow and grotesque poisoned death virtually all life on Molesworth station to the God of Satanism, and “seal the deal”.

    As a satanically inspired magical offering that only pure evil could appreciate and reward. New Zealand has been under pure evil control of the law since the end of World War 1. Deer try to rip their guts out with their antlers 1080 poison is that painful and slow, and it totally decimates native bird populations.

    Especially since Bill English had tried so hard to win the election with the “pizza eating” photo on Good Monday. Advising all the Satanists to “eat tortured Christian children” on Good Monday, (as total satanic opposition to the resurrection) would have to be about as perverse as Satanism could ever wish to behold. So the Labour Party had to say “thankyou” to the God of evil, that is in charge of NZ law, and the poisoning of Molesworth station occurred, as so criminally perverse and grotesque to the Whakapapa of New Zealand and Christianity, to “seal the deal”.

    This total lack of integrity, and in fact the total destruction of democracy, of the New Zealand law courts, was most clear in the WikiLeaks 2011 stuff, that showed USA intel which described New Zealand’s’ legal system as “little less than “an image” of law totally under the control of vested parochial interests, whatever they may be”. MEANING THE NZ LAW COURTS ARE VERY WELL KNOWN INTERNATIONALLY TO BE TOTALLY CRIMINAL AND LAWLESS, and that New Zealand is just a political puppet to the paedophile sodomist Nazi Zionist Satanist business think tanks.

    Gregg Hallett’s sworn Court evidence 2008 described this at some length , IN FACT he even noted that NZ is defined legally as “not existing”, that NZ as a legal entity only extends from the foreshore East and from the foreshore West.

    That the land called NZ does not legally exist. That this was the reason the NZ Cabinet was recently used to change the English Royal marriage business. So that the paedophile sodomist ring Royal family, as opposed to the actually real DNA Royal family, that Gregg Hallett tracked down, would continue to hold the position of the top of the pyramid.

    So that the human empowering honour of the British Royal family has been converted to a paedophile sodomist ring. MEANING that not only is the wrong Royal family present, but it is an especially disguised antichrist Royal family, designed to download into “Commonwealth” society the definition that the term “Royal”, in relation to the term “Commonwealth”, is a paedophile sodomist DNA download.

    Which is pure antichrist energy at the top of the pyramid of the British “man of the Covenant”. That in effect the legal “criminal” and “NZ lawless”, definition of the Royal authority of “man of the Covenant”, is that of a sodomist paedophile cannibal. The term “my people are Royal”, could not have a more perverse and dehumanising attack, than this paedophile Satanist sodomist totally criminally corrupt British royal family, Organising itself as a new world order religion.

    Similarly the Catholic church has at the top of its pyramid, a paedophile sodomist DNA download. Controlled by the Satanists, so as to control the keys of St Peter. Hence it is “illegal” for a Christian, for a Catholic, to be a citizen of Israel on Earth. Meaning that the current Israel was set in place by the paedophile sodomist Satanist Zionist Nazi ring running the Catholic Church for the only reason being to deny Christianity citizenship of Israel on Earth and thereby in heaven. Thereby totally destroy Christianity as the primary aim of Zionism.

    The paedophile sodomist download is also “cannibal”, (war is the cannibalism of human flesh). It has recently been shown in the New Guinea Highlands, as the final frontier of cannibalism, that this “original cannibalism”, which is the underlying essence of Zionist or Nazi cannibalism, has two main views:

    (1)the eating pork is sacred, (do the Jews know that Zionism holds eating pigs to be sacred), and (2) that women are chattels to be brought and sold at the level of 3 pigs for one woman. That the primary use of a woman in cannibalism aka Zionism is as a farm animal to suckle piglets to eat, to keep them eternally pregnant with children, to eat.
    So as to maximise the rearing of piglets on human milk, as the final resting place of cannibalism disguised as Zionism and Nazism disguised as feminism is found in the New Guinea Highlands.

    It is highly likely that this cannibalism once totally ruled the earth and maintained its power by military force. Creating a human race of slaves. That at some stage the slaves had a revolution, and the remnants of these world rulers are found in the New Guinea highlands, where the eating of pigs is totally sacred. Just as using women to fatten pigs from is also totally sacred. Doubt the libraries at Alexandria and other places, held knowledge of this past hidden history. That was effectively totally overthrown by the Abrahamic empowerment via the promised Christ sacrifice.

    That in fact the final solution of feminism (Zionism) for women is that they become eternally pregnant chattels to be used for suckling piglets, and then to be cannibalised themselves once their tits have dried up and are no use for suckling piglets. As the hidden truth behind Zionism disguised as feminism.

    So who were the members of the NZ Cabinet that deliberately put through this law to deliberately deprive NZ citizens access to International Human and Political rights, that was totally illegal under United Nations Legislation. Obviously NZ First had to be present. WHO WERE THESE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHT CRIMINALS.

    The Judges who allowed this situation exist were probably the same Judges of the Court of Appeal, and the Court Registrar of the Court of Appeal, that several years ago the Privvy Council found to have denied at least 1500 NZers their legal rights.

    Which same fanatical human rights criminals Judges instead of getting sacked then got promoted to the Supreme Court.

    It’s a wonder they didn’t not only get sacked but awarded knighthoods and the suchlike, which according to Gregg Hallett, are awarded mostly to the cover up specialists, with a few real people tossed in the kiddie killing bowl of paedophile sodomist Satanist empowerment to help disguise what is really going on. That the greater the paedophilia covered up, the higher the award.

    The Judges who allowed this were probably the same Judges who deliberately imprisoned falsely “thousands” of NZ citizens, between 2001 and 2016, so as to provide a higher prisoner rate, so that the then Labour party had the numbers they required to build a couple of new prisons. This false imprisonment was corruptly allowed to continue by corrupt Judges of (1) the High Court (2) the Appeal Court, and was finally stopped at the Supreme Court level, in Sept 2016 due to a Michael Marino pursuing the matter.

    9:12 pm on 22 September 2016
    Thousands of prisoners might have been in jail longer than they should have been and could be owed millions in compensation

    The Judges of the “High Court” and the “Appeal Court” whose “massive” human rights corruption caused this were never prosecuted for massive perverting the course of Justice, for massive deliberate false imprisonment. In fact on the same case the notorious paedophile enabler Judge Lowell Goddard actually refused to hear a “habeus corpus” claim. It is totally criminally illegal by a Court to refuse to hear a “habeus corpus claim”, only in New Zealand is such perverted disgraceful behaviour possible to get away with and not face totally “treasonous” criminal charges. Or as Gregg Hallett so succinctly put it, the New Zealand Courts are an Occult mafia. Paid for by the taxpayer.

    The Courts obviously were so very embarrassed by this exposure in 2016/2017 that they were just disgusting evil political tools, that to cover this up again, even more NZers were set about being falsely imprisoned, to tip the imprisonment numbers to over 10,000. Of which it is suggested very clearly that at least 4000 would be there “illegally”. Via the whole incestuous paedophile sodomist human cannibalism gamut of corrupt lawyers, corrupt court officials, corrupt legal aid services, corrupt Judges etc.

    To try and understand this “satanic” overthrow of the NZ Justice system, it helps to understand that NZ has never been a legal Government since the end of World War One when the Grandmaster freemason Massey, refused to give NZers their legal “sovereignty of law”, that came about at the end of World War One.

    Thereby the Zionist theft of the power of the Christ sacrifice (as per the body of Christ) of NZers in World War One, began to criminally and without legal authority make and enforce laws. As some defacto criminal illegal and totally evil satanic pedophile sodomist Nazi Zionist Satanist disguised authority. Totally in control of New Zealand by Satanism.

    This is best explained by studying the words “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God”.

    Take those words into a more human view of the fact that the land must exist for humans to be alive, then we have “In the beginning was the Land, the Land was with God, and the Land was God”.

    Those words can then become “In the beginning was the Law of the Land, the Law of the Land was with God, and the Law of the Land was God”.

    So simply by taking over “the Law of the Land”, Satanism is able to effectively take over the effects of the Word of God, on Earth. Which is the primary foundation of Lucifer being able to rule eternally, by replacing “the Word of God”. With criminal and illegal law.

    So that criminal and illegal law, in effect becomes the Word of God, at a very simple energy level. So that in effect the Word of Lucifer becomes the Word of God, meaning that in effect Lucifer becomes God on Earth. As the final Zionist, Nazi Cannibalism of human flesh solution.

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      mediawhores says:

      this is very good info
      time and time again we see that these inbred jewish nazis like to have sex with disabled and otherwise impaired children. easy targets, perhaps adding to the motivation behind such laws.

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