Talpiot Talk #13 – Protecting the Shape Shifters


Readers may notice we never post much on Moondays. Oddly enough our most chilled day of the week/ weak.

Just thought we would quickly note – our image gallery function is messed with every time we do a gallery which the powers that be do not like.

If you go back and look at our last post, the gallery does not open. It takes you to a page for the image you click on and then you have to go back. Normally you can click through all of the images. We have noticed this a lot.

The other thing we noticed – if you click on the photos of the Talpiot Talk boys at the bottom – Adam Green and that other redhead….both of whom are shape shifters….they are gone. They do not open. We also know that Brendon O’Connell does not blink and ‘shape shifts’ from Country to Country while he has arrest warrants out for him. Highly unlikely he was ever in a NZ jail as claimed, as he never had a NZ lawyer. Plus he gave a heads up to redhead shape shifter Jacinda Ardern/ Peter Thiel.

So we are at the next level of deception now folks. You are allowed to know Israel controls the internet. We are allowed to discuss Jewish power, as long as it is with Jews who ‘don’t like Israel’……but we are not allowed to discuss or expose shape shifters. Not least redhead ones….

“Then another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads.”- Rev

Let’s try that again……






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