Bitcoin Updates – with Kim Dotcom



Not sure Media Whores congratulated Kim Dotcom on his new erm…….wife?

Both now squatting here in New Zealand – the gay marriage and associated child abuse utopia – illegally.

Anyway – Bitcoin updates…..

Bitcoin was not invented by the Jews – we promise – but it is still a secret.

Bitcoin will not be used to track you – we promise – even though we are already tracking you via your cell phone…erm…which will use Bitcoin. We promise.

Bitcoin will be free forever – we promise – and will not be used to better enslave and impoverish you – the Goy. Really. We promise. For we are kind…….

300-pharoah  18580909_1678983585730083_9021503901018357760_n

Bitcoin will not be run from Israel – or even Jewish controlled Russia. Really. We promise.

Folks – never trust an obese greedy carcass cruncher for financial advice. Not least a shape shifting Jewish one….who is mates with known virgin blood drinkers. And certainly not a German Jewish one. For one day, rest assured, it will be you on that dinner plate……

In fact – never trust a Jew…period



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