Google Stands for “Global Occult Government…for eL/ Satan”


Featured Image – Google’s 666 Logo. Hidden in plain site


“There is nothing more rewarding in life than just doing what feels right at the time.” – Anonymous. Poor chap was never heard from again

Media Whores – the only actual news source left standing in the Nation – went over those ‘Computers are from Saturn’ videos in more detail last night.

Brilliant analysis of the new occult / satanic high tech situation we find ourselves suddenly in. It has only been a few short years of this black cube invasion and we have all been well and truly ‘microchiped’ (Google spelling police alert)

The most astounding thing we picked up on in those videos was the true meaning behind the name “Google”.

Global Occult Government for eL/ Satan”


Image – Redhead Transvestite (Alpha & Omega) Jew Donald Trump with his Persian Jewish Snake overlords, celebrating their New Digital Global World Order, run from Israel and Saudi Arabia. 

As readers will be aware – Jewish/ Persian owned and controlled Google – now called Alphabet Incorporated (killing and censoring the human language) – are censoring our entire website, in fact have almost completely banned it, despite it being the most read website in NZ’s history……..while instead promoting prostitution, gay sex, sex with animals, gay sex to children, sex with animals in schools,  ‘safe’ meth use in schools, serial killers, sex with serial killers, sex with serial killers who eat their victims while high on meth,….the list goes on.


They do not even have a listed office address in New Zealand that you can contact them at or lodge a formal complaint, despite being the most powerful (and possibly profitable) gang in NZ.  If you try to find out what floor they ‘occupy’ in their building, there is a masonic code of silence. It is top secret.

These satan worshiping Jews need to be rounded up and deported……if only to keep children safe.

Readers are reminded that just 15 years ago, we all had a free local phone book which contained all of the information a household actually needed. And also reminded that the NZ Government are now planning to destroy the old copper phone network as they introduce 5G wireless.

Media Whores suspects 5G wireless – which none of the engineers that work with it actually understand how it works – could be used to ignite our entire atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Thus destroying the World by fire. As prophesied.

Check out the Firefox logo below…..everywhere except the Middle East and the Jewish Motherland, Russian.

These people are NOT human beings…..which wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself perhaps, if they weren’t now running everything. They also apparently have their own planet they could all go back and live on – but unfortunately it appears they are addicted to human blood…..and children…….and seem quite determined to stay here instead and just change the human race to better suit themselves.

Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth

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4 thoughts on “Google Stands for “Global Occult Government…for eL/ Satan””

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    mike says:

    This time after going to visit Ute and Rolf Kleine in Golden Bay to give them some flowers because they had been wrongfully savaged by the Nelson and probably Takaka Police regarding 1080 poison. One senior police inspector swore that he was totally convinced that Ute and Rolf Kleine were responsible for the 1080 poison in the letter trick. (No doubt using this sworn statement to get “lawfully obtained search warrants”).

    Nick Smith went there to advise them not file for Court compensation as they would not stand a chance. Wasn’t that nice of Nick Smith, he says of course he went there for compassionate reasons, no doubt the same kind of compassion involved in running kiddie gang rape paedophile Satanism NZ central from his office in Nelson. By the ex chairman of the National party Dan Dolejs who disappeared and collapsed his company once the Justine Davis files came out. It was claimed by Justin Davis that Dan Dolejs was the one who had the contacts to all the main paedophile rings in New Zealand and Internationally (suppliers of children presumably/logically).

    So why was it so important to Nick Smith to silence Court action by Ute and Rolf Kleine. After all compensation would be in the proportions that Kim Dot com has sued for. Don’t suppose that Nick Smith had his fingerprints all over the search warrants and advising the police in the area whom he thought were responsible and suitable for being broken into, and followed, and questioned for hours on end, for the 1080 powder scare. Just who signed off the surveillance forms and the surveillance reports?.

    Added to this Winston Peters has once again got his nose connected to criminal police activity with the new assistant Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha. He is one of the many who claimed ferociously that the whole Louise Nicole case was just made up nonsense while hanging out with Clint Rickland and Brad Shipton and others, who were arrogantly up to their necks in the gang bang baton rape of underage NZ women.
    Allegations by Louise Nicholas finally revealed a saga of sex, brutality, abuse of power and interference with the course of justice.

    Although you must admit that Wally Haumaha and Mike Bush would be like two peas in a pod as specialists at covering up anything, especially child sex crimes gang rape allegations, such as the gagging order on Auckland police when dealing with serious child sex allegations.

    Covering up the murder of the Crewe family was so well done that the set up specialist, the gardener planting the evidence, Bruce Hutton was honoured as a person of exceptional integrity by Mike Bush with a full police honour guard.

    Shame that Bruce Hutton set up Arthur Allen Thomas as being the scapegoat for a freemason killing by another policeman, according to Gregg Hallett. Gregg Hallett names the cop and freemason who did the killing in one of his books, and nothing has ever been done about it.

    So what you have is good old Winston Peters showing his true colours with the connection to a Wally Haumaha, who actually around 2005 was one of Winston Peters NZ First canditates. Meaning that someone who deliberately covers up and minimises gang bang baton rape of NZ women, was not only an NZ First candidate in 2005, but is now the assistant Police Commissioner.

    They must be expecting an avalanche of child sex rapes and kiddie killings to surface, and need more of the sewer rats in on the action.

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    mike says:

    Google is actually a common term used by lawyers describing the extraction of as much money as possible from a client, while leaving them only just barely alive.

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    Sham says:

    5G is radioactive warfare at another level

    People should type 6506148 into google .. already were being cooked. Earthing, crystals and green veggies is key to minimising effects

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