Is Neil Roberts of Harmoney a Meth Head?


Featured Image – Neil Roberts of Harmoney pair to pair loan sharks. Looks like a duck…..etc

Great idea this – pair to pair lending.

But not when if is run by greedy meth heads and crack addicts with 30%+ interest rates and the same fascist/ exclusionary terms and conditions as the big banking cartel….and no doubt the only reason the banks have allowed it to begin with. Well that and ‘family’ connections perhaps…

And yes, Neil Roberts the founder and CEO is a crack head who used to get his gear from a well known meth house in Mt Albert, according to a number of witnesses. Can’t confirm if he is still a crack addict or not, but presumably so. He is welcome to correct us below if he has since recovered. Or reduced his recommended interest rates.

Most young men enjoy a good night out at times of course, and far be it for us to judge, but usually not at crack houses, and not while charging your indebted customers 30%+ interest on loans so as to help fund it.  Sounds a bit like slavery really. Taking the piss.

Youtube playing their ads to us …check it out…being ugly and in debt with meth teeth is the new communist reality in NZ…..and being a redhead of course also…Incredible. They are placing these shape shifters in our media deliberately now, so everyone will get used to it, like they did with the chemtrails…..

Living in the fkg twilight zone……


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3 thoughts on “Is Neil Roberts of Harmoney a Meth Head?”

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      mediawhores says:

      onto it man
      the article itself has gone 10 mill plus.
      he is clearly one of the club
      demonic little meth head fk

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