Why are the Jews so Big on Pedophilia…and Meth?


Featured Image – One of the Pizza Gate Jews with his next victim

Just why are the Jews so big on pedophilia and meth?

One for the ages really isn’t it.

While some argue that it is because they own everything and have simply become bored with life, others claim it is because they are actually shape shifting snakes from the Planet Saturn who’s God demands pedophilia and child and blood sacrifice.

The meth bit? Experts claim the two biggest problems with being a meth addict, much like a heroin addict, is taking a product that has been cut with toxic additives, and actually running out of the stuff……..and because it is the Jews who actually import it, they seldom have either problem.

The Tall Red Head ‘Homeless’ Jew who Runs the Meth on Auckland’s K Road

The two issues are linked of course because the meth makes these Jews want to fk like rabbits…and thus making life in NZ even more dangerous for Kiwi kids these days.

Drug Foundation Chief Executive Ross Bell on Adrenochrome

Massey High School, Meth & the Pedophile Masonic Agenda..



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