Bar Association Child Sex Trafficking Updates – with Kim McLeod of AJ Park


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Picture this scenario……you were born ugly…..and not just a little bit ugly, but ugly on a biblical scale. Almost as if God had taken an extra day in his schedule to focus specifically on making you ugly. And corrupt. Short, ugly, corrupt and creepy. Cursed in short. Even when you spent thousands of dollars on professional photographers you still came out creepy and ugly looking.

Luckily for you though, there was a trade available to people such as yourself which allowed you to operate at night against mankind and not only earn a living, but through dedicated dishonesty, deceit, lies, fraud and just outright theft, you could actually do quite well for yourself. It was a trade that was generally passed on down through the family bloodline, because everyone else in the family was born so Goddamn ugly also.

That trade is of course – being a lawyer/ liar. One of the few groups of people on this Planet condemned to an eternity in hell in the Bible. Sooner of later. God bless.

And while most people probably agree that lawyers are the scum of the Earth, only more recently and largely thanks to the free flow of information via the internet (thus far) are people starting to wake up to the allegations that the Bar Association are also serial child sex traffickers. Allegedly the biggest gang of child sex traffickers in the Nation…and in most  Nations. Wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will. As well as the biggest gang of drug traffickers, with meth and heroin being their favorites.

Not that media Whores would wish to suggest or otherwise imply that any of this has anything to do with Kim McLeod of AJ Park Auckland of course, who claims to be just a simple old boring copyright lawyer…who got tragically mixed up with the Chinese triads …..erm……then the NZ sex industry upon his return from overseas……..but Media Whores has been on the hunt for professionals across all industry who might be interested in contributing to the various debates and topics we have been raising.

It is with great pleasure that we extend that invitation out to Kim McLeod of AJ Park also.

Admittedly none of these pink shirt wearing parasites have replied to one of our invitations as yet, but that hasn’t discouraged our good intention……

Would he care to comment on the avalanche of allegations and associated evidence that the Bar Association are actually the Biblical ‘Synagogue of Satan’ who worship the planet Saturn and actually run the child sex trafficking, adult sex trafficking, prostitution, meth and heroin trafficking in New Zealand as well as abroad?

And does he think anything can be done about it?


Kim McLeod from AJ Park in Online Sex Disgrace

When the rivers, forests and coastline are removed from this ‘pure country’, cons and compromised politicans show just how far they have gone to serve the New World Order. Lifting the carpet on New Zealand shows it to be a paedophile movement fronting as a country.

The literary movement is a paedophile protectorate. The Prime Minister and Speaker of the House both tried to launch a nuclear strike on Taupo with the KGB’s Vladimir Putin.

The government talkshow host is into every drug known to man and married his call girl.

The Head of Social Services was the dominatrix of the Attorney General.

The more sexually deviant a woman is, the further and faster she is promoted, no matter how ingrained the learning difficulties. Male paedophiles are promoted into politics and then to the top positions with complete police cover.

The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.

Israel and China fight it out over New Zealand, deciding to be tolerant of each other, China taking the North Island and Israel taking the South Island, from where Israel plans to take over Antarctica.

The US Navy calls the capital city Wellington, ‘Jerk’, and New Zealand, ‘Flux’, but the New World Order name is ‘New Spain’ – from where the new continent of Antarctica will be exploited.

A list of Intelligence names and addresses are garnered . . .
. . . and a few more attempts on the author’s life – standard now for any author who strays from the agenda.

This book is the result of at least three decades of intelligence research. The histories were collected from multiple sources independent of each other and the results have been disturbing enough to warrant checking and rechecking.

The actual events are so bizarre and unbelieveable that they have to be recorded in detail just to confirm their existence. The media never reports bizarre stories, or the truth, or the bizarre truth. The most common excuse given is ‘fear of litigation’, but the truth is more bizarre − the media are usually connected to the bizarre crap they’re not reporting.

Governments spend huge money and resources covering their true nature – this is called counter-intelligence. Counter-intelligence permeates throughout every government department. It produces nothing, costs the most, controls the media, presents quiet lies to the public, and maintains governments in power. That is the role of counter-intelligence. Its greatest ally is the media, then the police and judiciary.

Counter-intelligence is the most influential and far-reaching government department and is not limited in methods or extent of attack. Anyone who thinks out loud is on their list.”

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