Is an Alien Invasion of Shape Shifting Pedos from Saturn Imminent?


Check out the bit in the video below where the guy speaking says the human race is being “softened up” for the “arrival” of androgynous alien lizards and ants and the likes from either underground or from the planet Saturn.

Media Whores is often communicating with other awake Kiwis about this – not sure if others are noticing – Youtube is certainly full of reports – of really fkg weird looking reptiles and snakes lurking around the place. Real creepy, almost like they operate using telepathy and a ‘hive mind’. Usually disguised as new age liberals…with the latest iPhones and cold beady little eyes.  Often showing up in places before you even get there, then looking kind of nervous upon your arrival. Not really human looking. Could they already be here?

And how about all of those ancient paintings from people hiding in caves trying to draw weird alien creatures? Were they trying to warn us?

Maybe just having a stack of baked beans and a few bottles of Jager on hand is not gong to cut it?

Media Whores is seeking further comment from various industry experts……

Check it out, at 5.40 seconds…or are we just over reacting?


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