New Zealand Girls / Adult Sex Trafficking Updates with Miss Leading Expert, Kim McLeod of AJ Park


Featured Image – Kim McLeod of AJ Park Auckland – arguably NZ’s leading online sex pervert trafficking…lawyer.

Media Whores got slightly distracted with more research on that previous sex trafficking article with online sex expert Kim McLeod of AJ Park.

NZ is now a leader in International sex trafficking – as well as meth – thanks to the Jews.

Or the commie Bolshevik Jews to be slightly more politically correct.

We don’t really recommend viewing this website, as it is a bit like a MacDonald’s happy meal….can look attractive on the outside but you will never really know what you have just eaten….probably feel awful afterwards……and it will eventually kill you….

Media Whores did the hard yards for you…….and here is what we discovered…..

What we noticed was that very few of the women advertising look like Kiwis. And most state clearly that they are from somewhere else.

It is run by some guy called “Rob” from Christchurch apparently. Or originally from ChCh. One of the biggest perverts in NZ’s short post colonial history……some might argue. Probably also a Jew.

‘Rob’ indeed…..$150 per week or more makes him one of the most expensive online directories in the Nation. Probably thee most.

Seems he is a bit trigger happy with the lawyers and is known to send out NZ’s biggest online sex pervert lawyer, Kim McLeod, a Jew who was unfairly persecuted by the Chinese triads before fleeing back to the safety of NZ…….so we should word this next question carefully……..Is New Zealand Girls the biggest supporter of, directly or indirectly, the International sex trafficking and economic sex slavery industry, here in NZ?

A legitimate question surely.

And are all of the owners Jews? Who survived the holocaust?

The other thing we noticed – Google “New Zealand Girls” and you get on line sex escorts……whereas a Start Page search for “New Zealand Girls” gives you a story about ’empowered women’ and the girl guides.

Who would have thought that by 2018, the Nation’s number 1 source of information would be primarily associating ‘New Zealand girls’ with online sex and International sex trafficking? Astounding really. Oh what progress we have made.

As we know, Google is owned and run by Jews and also serves up ‘safe meth’ advice to your children in school. Not sure who owns Start Page – but clearly they would be a better option for people with families and kids…and probably all NZ schools also….

Tell you something else funny – go to any online free porn website and you will see categories for every different race on Earth- except “Jews”…..even though they actually run it……

Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth



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  1. I seem to remember a news story on a police unit looking underage hookers in Auckland operating from a corner right in front of a hotel used by foreign dignitaries, however the story didn’t put the two together, just that these girls happened to operate from there as well as the trannies!

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