Canadian Schools Now Recommending Safe Anal Sex with Cucumbers – #Cucked



Jewtube was playing with the volume on this one for us.

In fact our entire PC has gone slow again today. Usually have to reset it every week or two these days.

Is the volume working?

The Marxist/ Bolshevik snakes are now teaching kids in Canada how to have anal sex with cucumbers. Yes, really.

Google serves up ‘safe meth use’ advice to school kids in NZ. Even the Drug Foundation teaches ‘safe meth use’ for kids.

But search “media whores” and you will get ads for hookers. Hookers and prostitution are far safer than antisemitism…..and the truth.

Don’t get informed people – smoke meth, hire a hooker…..and put a cucumber up your ass. You are free… do what we tell you.

Media Whores estimates that 100% of NZ school principals are now Marxist pedophiles…….teaching pedophilia to the kids, disguised as ‘liberalism’.

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One thought on “Canadian Schools Now Recommending Safe Anal Sex with Cucumbers – #Cucked”

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    Sham says:

    Wow. Thats really really fucked. I can testify to the fact that I have seen first hand schools teaching that anal is a type of sex etc as well as teaching and enforcing that there is more than 2 genders, and that there is apparently a LOT more .. so fricken evil, this was in Christchurch. The majority of drinking water in NZ schools is contaminated in some way or another, yet every staff room has its own water cooler and filter.

    This younger generation is truly sucked in by the black cube, absolutely obsessed and addicted to their ‘devices’. Even looking at the types of games that younger and younger kids are getting into these days is ridiculous, some even stating they spend up to 24 hours in a row playing games in holidays and weekends. Some game called fortnight is the latest craze – involves killing and murdering of course. All this radiation and wifi is truly damaging the blood brain barrier and near system, causing all sorts of other illnesses and ailments, its almost as if the nuclear warfare started when the ‘smart’ phones came out.

    All people need to do is type 6506148 into google.

    The word “phone” is in relation to “PH one”, the $nakes all want our PH levels at one where its acidic as fuck, all relating back to saturn. The ‘Smart’ devices definitely are well and truly doing this to people. If they could see themselves under an aura camera before and after their daily dosage of radiation they would be truly horrified. Maybe I should do that with a smokers lungs before and after?

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