The Madeleine Mccann Hoax & Associated Jewish Satanism – with Tom Cahill



Great work does Tom Cahill of the UK.

Seeing straight through all of the various Jewish hoaxes and associated pedophile satanism scandals – real and otherwise – all of which form the body of mind control being built around us in the Jewish / Babylonian post Jewish monotheistic religious era/ error….

And thus heavily censored – not least his Youtube views and comments – while all of the androgynous Jewish kiddie fiddlers are promoted up the top, given awards and endlessly honored…..

You can watch videos on any other topic in the World without restriction – except videos that suggest it might all be ‘the Jews’…….bit like how you can watch internet porn by every single category of race on the planet….except Jews. Untouchable. Chosen by God after all….even they own it and are serving you up all of the other stuff.


The Shape Shifting Jews Stage 90% + of the Crime in our Communities

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